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We recently put Lilli our 6 mo. old female lab on metronidazole

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We recently put Lilli our 6 mo. old female lab on metronidazole 500 mg. along with panacur and albon her stools are caramel in color. Is this normal and from all the meds she is on? Also seems like reddish color material in them. Would this be some worms she is eliminating
Hello and thank you for asking your question. My name isXXXXX will try to help.
What are you currently feeding her for food and treats?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

she gets blue buffalo for puppies three times a day has an assortment of doggy treats in all colors along with some sweet potato treats

Thank you,
The light colored stool is normal in a dog who is having gastrointestinal issues. It is usually due to rapid transit through the intestines. I would not worry about that.
As long as you do not see a lot of blood in, or on, the stool I think the red color is alright.
If she is on panacur, and metronidazole, then she must have a gastrointestinal tract infection along with gastrointestinal parasites. There can be a little blood from irritation in the colon from both of these issues. The treatment for blood in the stool is actually metronidazole so I think you are covered there.
If her gums turn pale whitish, or she has excessive bleeding from the rectum, then she needs to go to the emergency vet. But I do not think that will happen.
Until her gastrointestinal tract issues resolve, I would keep her on a bland diet. For the protein part, you can use cooked plain ground turkey, ground beef, or chicken breast. For the carbohydrate you can use plain cooked rice or pasta. Mix it 50:50 and feed small frequent meals. I would hold off on treats for now because that could upset her stomach. For a treat, give her a piece of plain cooked meat or lunch meat.
I hope this helps.
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