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My mini schnauzer justwalked in the house with a dead rat in

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My mini schnauzer justwalked in the house with a dead rat in its mouth. The rat had no head. Should I be worried? We dont have rat traps as I have never seen a rat at our house
Thank you for requesting me. Sorry I was not online last night.

Emma should be fine. We bred terriers like her to kill our rats and vermin for us, so if she killed the rat, she is doing what came naturally. If she ate the head, which is not unusual for dogs to do, it should not hurt her.

If she found the rat already dead, and she ate the head, it still should not hurt her. Even if the rat had already been killed by rat poison, there would not be much if any poison in its head. If the rat died of disease, there are not many rat diseases that can be transferred to dogs.

In all of human medical records keeping, no one has gotten rabies from a rat; they are not carriers it seems.

There is one disease that rats carry, the plague ( the same black plague or bubonic plague that killed so many in the Middle ages) but that is very localized to the desert Southwest: Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona and southern California. People ( and cats) are very susceptible, but dogs are relatively immune. I live in New Mexico and there are often cases of it, but rarely in dogs. If you live in another part of the country, it is not a problem. Most people do not even realize that plague is still around because it is unheard of in most of the country.

So I think Emma did what she was supposed to do. The most that could happen if she ate the head is an upset stomach, and she might vomit. If this was my own dog, I would just take away the rat, and not worry. I used to have a XXXXX XXXXX and she killed rats all the time.

Please let me know if I can help with or answer anything else. Sorry I was not around a few hours ago.

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Hello Christina,
How is Emma doing?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

She is doing fine. Thank you for asking

Glad to hear it! Thank you for the update. And thank you for the great rating!