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My yellow lab mix suffers from hot spots that he bites at or

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My yellow lab mix suffers from hot spots that he bites at or scratches. Additionlly, he has lost the hair on the back of both front leg elbow joints. What can I do or how can I treat this?
Hi there, and thank you for your question. I am a licensed veterinarian and would be happy to assist you. The best way to treat these is by preventing them. Labs are prone to allergies, and that is what typically causes these hotspots. You can try preventing them by giving Benadryl at a dose of 1mg/lb twice daily. For the typical lab, that works out to 3 tablets/capsules of Benadryl twice daily. The next step is to buy a set of clippers to shave his fur down. Fur holds bacteria in it, and that is the main thing that prevents the spots from healing. (If you take him to a vet for a hot spot, the first thing we would do is shave the spot.) Then you use a mild soap and water to clean the spot, and then apply a topical triple antibiotic cream or ointment in a thin smear. You can alternate that every 6 hours with a topical hydrocortisone cream until it heals. But prevention with Benadryl is important. Hope this helps! best of luck.
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