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Atypical behavior for my 6 year old boxer

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My 6 year old boxer is staring off into space (very atypical), doesnt respond to his name, doesn't want to lay down (and when he does, it's just on his stomach... doesn't want to "get comfortable"), breath seems shallow, his walking looks slightly wobbly, his head is down, ears back, and his tail is between his legs. He didnt have these symptoms last night. He has had some water this morning, but no food. He was outside quite a bit last night and came in with a large bump on his hindquarters (which has now subsided). Don't think he got into any food. Not sure how serious to take his symptoms... Please advise.

Dr. G : Hello, my name isXXXXX am a licensed veterinarian and I will try and help you as best as I can.
Dr. G : First a few questions: When Bubba was outside, would he have been able to get out of your yard (was he fenced in or could he roam the neighborhood)? Does she seem painful anywhere if you put any pressure on the back, neck, or where the bump was? Any vomiting or diarrhea?
Customer: We're out in the country so he was playing in the pond and running through the woods, but I had my eyes on him the entire time. Bubba seems really stiff. I put some pressure on his front shoulder to guide him into the house and be whined (which he never does). Also, when he's standing, it looks like he's swaying, like it's hard for him to keep his hind quarters up.
Dr. G : I see. If you were watching him the entire time, then it is not likely he was hit by a car or had any trauma as you would have seen that. It may be that he is sore right now from all of his activity, causing some of the stiffness, panting, and positional changes. It is also possible that he had a spider bite or insect sting that may have caused the original bump.
Dr. G : Is he still eating and drinking ok? any vomiting or diarrhea?
Customer: He's not vomiting or has diahreeah. And he's drinking, but hasn't eaten yet
Dr. G : I see. What I recommend is giving benadryl today: 1 mg per pound of body weight (ie 50 mg for a 50 pound dog). I would also keep him inside and rested for the weekend
Dr. G : You can give the benadryl twice a day for the weekend. This may help reduce any possible reaction to a bite/sting, as well as calming Bubba down.
Dr. G : If there is no improvement over the weekend, or if Bubba declines over the weekend (vomiting, diarrhea, severe pain) i would get him to a vet
Dr. G : Please feel free to reply back if you need further information. I will switch to Q&A mode to make communication easier.
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