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Dr. Whitehead, Dog Veterinarian
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Experience:  Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, internship trained, with 5 years of experience in high quality practice treating dogs, cats, and some exotics.
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Dog was outside. started running and rubbing her nose on the

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Dog was outside. started running and rubbing her nose on the ground. For a while she was drooling. It been over 4 hours. Now she is panting, nose is running and she keeps licking it. What do you think?
Hello there! My name isXXXXX and it sounds like Ruby stuck her nose somewhere she wasn't suppose to and probably got a bite or sting that is causing irritation and itching. Something easy you can try is to give her some benadryl at a dose of 1 mg per pound and can repeat in 8 hours. This will help the itching and irritation if it was a bite or sting that is causing the problem. I would give her a couple doses and keep a close eye on her and if anything worsens (swelling, blood from nose, extremely painful) then I would have her looked at by your vet. Otherwise the benadryl should definitely help her feel better.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I did a litttle reading online about stings. She has no swelling or any bite site that we can find. Could it still be a sting? We gave her Benadryl a hour ago.

yes it definitely could still be a sting or bite. You may not be able to see the site of the sting or bite especially if it is in or around the nose or in or around the mouth. You can also give some tylenol for pain if her nose appears painful. the dose is 5 mg per pound of body weight. That is good you gave a dose of benadryl already just make sure you gave a high enough dose because a dogs dose is much higher than a humans dose.
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