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Dr. Bruce
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My 2 year old happy female Pom has an anal gland rupture two

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My 2 year old happy female Pom has an anal gland rupture two days ago. The vet flushed it and filled it with antibiotic cream without sedation. She is on antibiotics and pain meds now. She refuses to walk becasue it exposes her injury, and she huddles in a corner. She can walk fine (as witnessed when she ran up to me once because she was jealous of the cat) but she wont even go out to use the bathroom unless I carry her. She wont do steps, and she wont even walk two feet to her food bowl. She was the kind of dog who was always happy and followed be around everywhere. I'm welled up with tears thinking she is so traumatized from the vet and the incident that she will never be the same again. When she does go to the bathroom on the lawn, she quickly puts her but down as if she's protecting it. Help, please, she's my little baby and now she is a scared, frightened dog who doesn't even come to me when I call her.

Welcome. I'm Dr. Bruce and I've been a small animal veterinarian for over 12 years. I'm sorry to hear about Sparkles' situation. I know it isn't easy to see a loved one like this. Can you tell me what pain medication she's on now - with mgs and dosing?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi, thank you. She is on Medicam, first 24 hours 12 units (they said double to get the pain down) then tonight I'm supposed to give 6 units since shes 6 lbs. The antibiotic is bay trill 22.7 mg tablet once a day for 7 days, two days administered.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi I'm here, online.

Sorry it took me a moment to type up your response. Thanks for that information Karen. First of all I want you to know that Sparkles will come through all this and be her old self here soon! I've seen lots of these little one's with anal gland ruptures that will act similarly for a couple days after all this too. That area of the anal gland that ruptured is very inflamed still and uncomfortable. So in saying that, getting her some more pain management would help her situation. The Metacam is a very good oral NSAID to use. What you should ask your vet to add into her medications is an oral opiod called tramadol. She can have this added into her medications to provide more pain relief. On the actual area itself, letting her sit on a cool wash cloth may help to provide some local relief too. The other key thing here is getting more time out from all this. That will allow the tissues to heal and for the discomfort to go down. I know it is hard to see her like this. But I again have full confidence that she will get through this and be back to her normal self here soon!
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX hope she will start wanting to walk again, and be happy. So the medicam is not enough pain management... I was wondering about that since it says its an anti inflammatory but I didnt see anything about pain management with it. does it have any pain management in it at all?

Also, if she psychologically is not wanting to expose her bottom by walking, how does that fade away to where she is no longer fearful anymore? I'm carrying her everywhere since she wont walk, should I stop? She cries for me to pick her up though.

The metacam is a very, very good pain medication as well as an anti-inflammatory. But, for those that are still acting painful while on it, the Tramadol can be added into the mix too! It can help to give even better pain control. The best thing to do is to continue to encourage her to do her normal stuff and to be active after the wound has healed. At that time, she'll realize that it isn't painful and she'll get back to normal. When the wound is healed, she will be your old dog again. You can let her rest now and heal, but realize that if you pamper her too much, she may expect it all the time.
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