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I am trying to determine whether my dog had a seizure last

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I am trying to determine whether my dog had a seizure last night. I called the vet immediately and briefly described what happened and she said it probably was a seizure, however, I've done a little bit of research and I'm not so sure it was.

She was asleep in my lap and suddenly started trembling pretty severely and her body was rigid. No foaming at the mouth, no flailing about, she did not appear to lose consciousness and in fact appeared to be totally awake and terrified, no loss of control of bladder or bowels, etc. There was no abnormal behavior prior to this happening that could have indicated something was going to happen. There have been no changes in her diet, routine, etc. She was behaving completely normal within 30 minutes - actually play attacking my other dogs.

I should note I am fostering her, have had her for nearly two months and while she had a respiratory infection when I first got her, it was treated and she hasn't exhibited any symptoms for the last 2-3 weeks - and nothing like this has ever happened before.

I have no information about her situation prior to her arrival, I just assume it was bad. Is there any chance this was some kind of panic attack, night terror or other anxiety issue that we should consider before actually declaring it a seizure?
Hi Jacustomer-6ufu9tkt~

I actually agree with your vet.

Not all seizures are the kind of seizure you imagine when that word is used. The seizure type when a dog is having full body spasms, may loose bladder and bowels and seems to lose consciousness is something called a grand mal seizure. I don't think this is what happened with Kelsie.

Another kind of seizure is one called a petit mal (or focal) seizure. This involves only one muscle group, the dog is still conscious and doesn't loose bladder or bowel control. I strongly think this is what your dog may have had going on.

I do think that your vet should run a little blood work..just to be safe. I hope this helps.
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