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yesterday, sunday afternoon there was thick fresh blood on

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yesterday, sunday afternoon there was thick fresh blood on the end of my dogs penis. it looked like blood that would be coming out of a cut, but because of where it was we (my boyfriend and i) worried that he was "urinating" it, or that it was just oozing out from inside of him. he had not urinated for a few hours before we noticed it. we took him outside to pee and his urine was dark red the first 3 little mini pees he does, we brought him back inside, then about 15 mins. later we went back out and he peed again and it was normal. it continues to be normal today, monday, late morning. he's energetic, seems healthy. 2 days ago, on saturday, he ate a chicken carcass. could that cause short bouts of thick bloody urine?
Hello and thank you for asking your question. My name isXXXXX will try to help.
No, eating a chicken carcass would not cause penile bleeding or blood in the urine. It could cause gastrointestinal upset or blood in vomit and stool.
The most common cause would be a urinary tract infection. The infection inflames the lining of the bladder. The inflammation can cause bleeding. It can bleed all the time or periodically. It usually causes them to have to urinate more frequently, or urinate small amounts, as well. The vet will test his urine for blood, bacteria, white blood cells, crystals, and red blood cells. If positive, the vet will put him on antibiotics. Usually we do not want to check a urine sample that you collected at home. The sample can become easily contaminated with bacteria. Also time can change the ph of the urine as well as cause crystals to form. So it is best if the vet gets a sample at the clinic and checks it right away. It is easy to get urine by passing a urinary catheter or aspirating urine directly from the bladder.
Bladder stones can also cause periodic bleeding. When the stones move, they can cause bleeding as well. Most likely, since you saw a lot of blood, the vet will want to take a abdominal x-ray to make sure he does not have bladder stones. If he does, they will need to be surgically removed.
As long as he is eating well, drinking well, not in distress, not vomiting, and he is able to pass urine it is not an emergency. But I would try to have him seen today or tomorrow.
I hope this helps.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

so bladder stones and urinary tract infections can cause thick blood to come out without having urinated?


Oh I see, it happened without actually urinating. Sorry.
If he postured to urinate, and the blood came out, then that would be bladder stones or a urinary tract infection.
That is more likely an injury to the penis or prepuce itself.
If he is not neutered, prostate enlargement, or infection, can cause penile bleeding as well. Prostate enlargement usually makes it difficult, or painful, to have a bowel movement but you did not mention that so I am going to assume that is not an issue.
If he is not urinating more frequently, acting completely normal, there are no other signs, and there is no more blood then I would just monitor him and his urine. If you notice any more blood, then he needs to see a vet.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

ok thanks!

You are welcome Smile
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Hi Iris,

I'm just following up on our conversation about Buddy. How is everything going?

Dr. Gabby
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

we took him to the vet with our stool and urine samples, the tests found that his urine had traces of blood and lots of crystalization, hes on antibiotics now for swelling and inflammation she noticed around his anal area, which has something to do with his prostate, i dont understand how antibiotics would help that but i must be getting what she said wrong because my boyfriend says he understands, maybe the antibiotics were for a UTI. she said the blood we saw was from a cut, and that its healing quickly. buddy seems to be feeling fine hes lounging next to me on the couch right now snoring.