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I have an 80lb. mixed breed dog that is 8 years old. She is

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I have an 80lb. mixed breed dog that is 8 years old. She is having trouble with a bowel movement. 2 days ago my husband split a large cooked ham bone between our dogs. The larger one now is really having trouble. She has gone a couple on times with a round hard ball coming out. Sort of the size of a golf ball. She has squatted on the ground at least 12 times (that I've seen) and can't seem to go and will just dribble a little liquid out. What can I give her to help her? She's moving around fine and goes for a walk, but she has to be uncomfortable. Please help. Thanks. Jane
Hello and thank you for asking your question. My name isXXXXX will try to help.
To help soften the stool, you can add 4 tablespoons of mineral oil with a little canned food.
You can also give her canned pumpkin, the real kind and not the pie filling, or metamucil. She can have 4 tablespoons twice a day. This will help increase her fiber intake.
If those remedies do not help, you can give her a human stool softener called "collace." One tablet every 12 hours as needed.
It will also help to increase her fluid intake. You can add water, or low sodium broth, to her food. If she likes broth, she can drink that alone as well.
If she is not eating, or vomiting repeatedly, she may have a gastrointestinal blockage from the bone. If this is the case, she needs to see a vet. They will take abdominal x-rays to check for bone fragments or abnormal intestine gas patterns. If there is a blockage, it will need to be surgically removed.
But hopefully she is just constipated.
I hope this helps.
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