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Hi, My daschound started drinking a lot of water and urinating in the

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My daschound started drinking a lot of water and urinating in the house. WE did all the tests and the doctors think its Diabetes insipidus. They have given a few medications but I'm worried since he's still thirsty and now he has a fungal infection too. I have all the reports and can share them.


Theresa :

Can you let me know all of the tests that they have done?

Theresa :

This will help so we can further assist you without giving the same information over again.


Thanks for your help Theresa. I have a whole lot of reports. Is there a way I can upload these documents here? Or should I email it across to you. Please do let me know.

Theresa :

First just tell me what types of tests were run then we will see if we need to upload any.


Sure. Here is what I could gather from the report


Urine Protein Creatinine Ratio, Serum Cortisol. Post these tests it was concluded that urine cortisol is normal. After that, they aske to get these tests as well. Vasopressin 5 units .s/c (pitressin to be bought )
urine sample before injectionn . urine sample every 2 hours post injection x 4 samples. Hope this helps. Please let me know if you need any more information.

Theresa :

Were there any elevations in ALT, ALKP, Amylase, Lipase, glucose, urine specific gravity. Does he have weight gain, distended abdomen? Has an ultrasound been performed? Does he seem more anxious? Pant more? Uncomfortable?

Theresa :

Did they perform a urinalysis or only a Urine protein creatinine?

Theresa :

Do you know what his urine specific gravity is?

Theresa :

Thank you all of these questions will help to get to a possible answer.

Theresa :

Also, I want to switch this to question answer format so that I can receive an email when you respond.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Were there any elevations in ALT, ALKP, Amylase, Lipase, glucose, urine specific gravity. -- Not sure

<br>Does he have weight gain -- he was already over weight. He weighed at 17 Kg and we brought him down to 14 now<br>

distended abdomen -- His belly almost always looks swollen <br>

Has an ultrasound been performed -- Yes. The doc said it didnt show anything abnormal. <br>

Does he seem more anxious? -- Not sure but he always sits near his water bowl. We are careful with the amount of water he drinks<br>

Pant more? -- He is a little slow in his morning walks, sometimes looses his footing while climbing stairs. <br>


Uncomfortable? -- Not sure <br>

Apart from this, he also has a fungal infection now. we are treating him for that as well. We also give him Alprazolam 0.25mg for his diabetes.


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

If you wish, you can access his records online

The site is User Id is "[email protected]" , password XXXXX "toniktuffy"

Now you wrote that he gets alprazolam for diabetes. Is this what you meant? Is he diabetic?

Alprazolam is for anxiety not diabetes so I suspect this is what you meant.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I thought Alprazolam was also for Diabetes. So some other changes in behaviour include more appetite (he is always hungry), he also started picking up things on the road which he never used to.

He has so many symptoms of Cushing's disease it isn't funny. I know his urine cortisol was normal and I have to wonder if there was lab error on this. I am not able to view your bloodwork results so if you can give me the numbers of those requested it will help.

ALKP, ALT, Glucose, electrolytes, Neutrophils, WBC. Lipase and Amylase. If they ran a urine then a specific gravity as well.

I would highly recommend an ACTH Stim test or a high dose dex suppression test. He also needs to have an ultrasound performed by a specialist in internal medicine to measure his adrenal glands and assess his liver size.

Here is some information on Cushing's disease:

See what you can do about getting me those numbers.

Thank you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks for all the help Theresa. Before I continue, please let me know if I need to accept this answer first and then continue on this thread or raise another question. I have absolutely no issues in paying more since I just want to get this sorted out. Please dont hesitate to let me know how to proceed. I'm attaching a zip file, It contains the PDF report. Page number 4 onwards has some blood reports so please check if this is what you are looking for. If its not there, I'll have to get these tests done, get the reports. It would take a few days. One more observation: His bark seems to have changed. Its a little hoarse now.


Thanks again.

From everything I have read he has elevated liver enzymes over the last few months, an enlarged liver, skin infections, distended abdomen, drinking and urinating a lot, increased appetite, anxiety, and low specific gravity of the urine. Every single one of these symptoms are consistent with cushing's disease. No test is 100 percent and some give false positives and negatives but his symptoms are so clear that it would be difficult for me to say that in no way does he have Cushing's. I suggest further testing and treatment.

With diabetes insipidus you don't see a distended abdomen, skin issues, extreme appetite or anxiety. But you do see all of these things with Cushing's disease. I am still leaning more toward this direction than any other.

Thank you for adding on the bloodwork and rads. You can definitely appreciate the enlarged liver in those views and I see that it was also noted in the ultrasound report as well.

You can pay now and reply with a new question if you like. Either way it is up to you.

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