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Hi our 10 year old 70 lb. weimeraner, ate rat poisoning.

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Hi our 10 year old 70 lb. weimeraner, ate rat poisoning. He was then given hydrogen peroxide, which caused him to throw up, he finally threw up clear foam. He then dedicated and there was some green in his feces. We gave him vit. K1 one tab of 100 mg. with food. He later began breathing very hard, I gave him two bowls of water but then later he threw up again and there was a little blood in it. My boyfriend is refusing to take him to the vet, though he loves him, his other weimie just had a $7,500 surgery for a turned stomach. We are all very stressed. Is the K1 going to show any effect and what is the right amount daily to give him and for how long?

Hello, and thanks for writing in.


What is the active ingredient in the rat poison (very important)?

Or, if you can't find the active ingredient, what is the brand?


How long ago did Buck eat the poison?



Dr. Dave

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

D-Con, he ate it at 5:00 pm last eve. Green bricks.


Ok, thank you.

The oral vitamin K1 (phytonadione) dose for dogs after rodent poison ingestion is 2.5mg/kg, every 12 hours. So, for Buck's size, his dose would be about 80mg, but 100mg tabs would be fine to give twice daily (every 12 hours). Once given, it takes up to 12 hours for the blood clotting factors to start kicking in to help with clotting. Vitamin K1 should be given with food for proper absorption (canned food, some peanut butter - because of the fat present). It is typically given for 3-4 weeks. Ideally, blood clotting times would be checked a couple times during the course of treatment, and also after stopping the medication, to see if further treatment is needed. If abnormal symptoms develop while on the medication, additional treatment may be needed, such as a plasma transfusion. Watch for bleeding from anywhere (nose, mouth, urine, stool), swelling developing on the body, legs, or neck.


I hope this helps.

Dr. Dave

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you very very much for your very helpful advice. It was quick and thorough.



You're very welcome - glad to be here to help!

I hope everything goes great.


Have a good rest of the day, Jenny.

Dr. Dave