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My Newfoundland puppy (8 wks) regurgitates any volume of water

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My Newfoundland puppy (8 wks) regurgitates any volume of water she drinks. Holds her kibble down, which I've started soaking with water to keep her hydrated. I'm concerned this is congenital (ie costly and fatal). Any thoughts or suggestions?
Hi there,

Thanks for your question regarding your young Newfoundland puppy and I'm sorry to hear she hasn't really been able to keep water down! It is definitely an interesting observation that she can keep kibble down, but just can't keep water down. As you have probably already researched - there are a number of potential causes for this regurgitation, however this could also purely be a behavioral issue due to her lapping up her water too quickly.

This is a difficult situation as you can't restrict your girl's water intake as this could quickly make her dehydrated. Soaking the kibble is an excellent idea and continue to do this. You could also try giving this little girl some small ice cubes to play with to keep her well hydrated as well.

If she really can't keep ANY water down when she attempted to drink, then yes - you really need to follow this up with your local Vet. It is important that a congenital issue is ruled out as soon as possible in this situation. In many cases congenital issues can be rectified, however typically the longer they are left, the less likely this is. In particular, we would be concerned about a potential persistent right aortic arch. You can read more about this including it's diagnosis and treatment online here: . If this was the cause of the regurgitation in your girl, then yes - this isn't a cheap issue to deal with, however it is definitely treatable (albeit via a difficult surgery). Other potential causes include congenital megaesophagus or even a hard palate issue. Whatever the case, you really will need to follow up on this pretty soon with your regular Vet to have some diagnostics carried out.

In the mean time, you are going to have to continue to encourage water intake via other means, however I will still encourage you NOT to restrict Dutchess' access to water. Try larger bowels with shallow water, ice cubes and continue to add water to her kibble.

If you can get her seen first thing on Monday, or even this weekend, that really is the best bet here. It is possible this is purely behavioral (due to her lapping up water too quickly) in which case putting a large object in her water bowl to make it a little more difficult for her to simply lap up large amounts of water, could definitley help to slow her down.

Best of luck with this girl and please keep in touch with her progress. Here's hoping that given this is only happening with liquids, it is just a behavioral issue. Don't forget to click an excited face :-D if this has been helpful. Please be sure to reply using the REPLY TO EXPERT button if you need any further help or advice.

Kind Regards,

Dr E

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Hi Ryan,

I'm just following up on our conversation about Dutchess. How is everything going?

Pet Doc
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The puppy has lost 9 kg in the last week. The regurgitation has progressed
to vomiting solids and liquids. Dx w/ mega esophagus yesterday (barium
study). Going to take her back to the breeder Friday, who on further
questioning tells me the puppy has always 'puked a lot' since birth.


Hi again Ryan,

It sounds as though this puppy isn't in a good way at all. Good on you for following up so quickly with your local Vet and getting a definitive diagnosis. Here's hoping the breeder follows up on this with her Vet.

Thanks for the update.

Dr E