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CriticalCareVet, Veterinarian
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I gave my 7 lb dog iverheart max at about 7-8pm and she vomited

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I gave my 7 lb dog iverheart max at about 7-8pm and she vomited at approximately 2 am so at least 4 hours because I was awake at 12 so between 4-5-6 hours later. Do I have any concerns? My husband and I have been ill-flu/pneumonia and I forgot and skipped last month with us being sick. I just woke up and my husband just put paper towels on the spots she vomited so I can look for a pill if need be. Also do I need to make sure I get the meds out of the floor if there are any- we walk bare footed so is there danger in us getting the meds into us ect? Also I found a flea a couple weeks ago and brushed it off to her just coming back in because I check her all the time and never see flea specs/flea feces ect but I gave her a bath couple days ago and put some olive oil on her coat as she had flaky skin and a small flea jumped on me, think it was smothered by olive oil. So any non chemical suggestions for the fleas? Will bathing take care of? I can't see evidence of fleas ect? And Aldo the question of the iverheart max what I should do, did she get dose ect? And is the meds dangerous too bare feet how to cleanup?

CriticalCareVet :

Welcome to JustAnswer! I am a licensed veterinarian and specialist and will do my best to assist you today!

CriticalCareVet :

I am sorry to hear about this concern.

CriticalCareVet :

1) Regarding the fleas - we typically consider using monthly preventatives for Flea issue, topicals such as Frontline or Advantage or oral such as Comfortis. These are the best, XXXXX XXXXX

Customer: Are you still there?
CriticalCareVet :

2) Regarding the Iverheart - we typically do not re-dose this medication in situations such as this. We would give the next dose, as planned, the following month. If the pill remained in the stomach for 4 hours, much was likely absorbed - and re-dosing would not be performed. We do not want an accidental double dose and since we know that heartworms will not be a concern when they are on a monthly schedule but miss one or 2 doses (likely 3 doses) anyway.

3) If you accidentally step on the pill - this is not a toxic chemical to people (as compared to other medications such as chloramphenicol for example)

Customer: What is chloramphenicol in?
CriticalCareVet :

That is an antibiotic - was just used as an example of a medication which we would worry about with people (not in your case)

Customer: Oh and what is meant by the 1-2 likely 3 doses?
CriticalCareVet :

For heartworm treatment.

Customer: Missing or taken?
CriticalCareVet :


Customer: So 3 months without wont hurt? Is that normal to be done?
CriticalCareVet :

Is it normal - no.

CriticalCareVet :

But remember, some people only treat for 6-8 months out of the year, and do not use the winter months.

CriticalCareVet :

But it is not going to hurt them.

Customer: Reason I ask is that it gets confusing sometimes and I'm terrified of overdosing and by confusing I mean having more than one dog and one is always upset tummy and I may give the other and think I give the other and miss a couple here and there and it always worried me
CriticalCareVet :

I understand - the good news is that it is hard to "overdose" a dog on this as a prevention such as this has a lower concentration than if you were treating other diseases.

Customer: Would I know if they have heartworm because our vet does let like to test for some reason. Are heartworm a common?
CriticalCareVet :

Heartworm is not common - the way to know is a blood test. This is not something you can see or feel on an examination.

Customer: Oh and I called the vet they just guess in their answers it's the receptionists and they first said wait a couple months and then a monh then came back and said to ahead and give another so I'm confused
Customer: Oh and the receptionist said her did was small and a terroir mine is a terroir and I asked about the vomiting and she said it could be the iverheart and I said we'll mine vomits 5-7 times a month anyways and she said here did that on interceptor that when she switched to another it stopped cvomiting could this be)
CriticalCareVet :

Yes - there are some dogs that vomit on certain preventions - and if they do, we try to switch the medication to see if that helps.

Customer: Could or do you think the iverheart is what made her sick? She took it a couple months ago and I don't remember her throwing up but has been on interceptor all her life
CriticalCareVet :

If your dog does have a chronic history of intermittent vomiting, one dose is not enough to tell.

Customer: Do I need to switch?
CriticalCareVet :

If several months go back and each month with administration your dog vomits, then yes, that would be a concern.

CriticalCareVet :

See above.

Customer: Ok she vomits a lot anyways she is very sensation tummy
Customer: So try same next month or switch
CriticalCareVet :

Same the next month - but if a pattern develops, then switch.

Customer: One last thing if I find an unresolved pill in her vomit getting ready to clean up do I worry and give another? (For some reason she dissolves slowly she will eat and vomit many many hours later whole dog food
CriticalCareVet :

No - as listed above - we typically do not re-dose this, rather continue next month as planned.

Customer: Undesolved
Customer: Do you think she needs to b tested for heartworm if I possibly missed doses here and there throughout the years? She's 13
CriticalCareVet :

If there are more than 3 months missed, yes.

Customer: Ok I don't think it's ever been over 2 . Thanks...oh and she can't take the recommended flea meds she gets sick
Customer: I was hoping more baths or natural remedy would help
CriticalCareVet :

Bathing can help remove them, but if you want PREVENTION, the options above are the most common.

Customer: Is Iverheart only prevention not kill heartworms
Customer: Or I should say does Iverheart prevent or kill
CriticalCareVet :

It is a prevention.

CriticalCareVet :

We do not use this to kill.

CriticalCareVet and 4 other Dog Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Quick question pertaining to worm pill. And update. I cleaned the vomit up and didn't see any undesolved pill that I'm aware of just some I digested peanuts about 3-4. Given the iverhert max kills tapeworms I saw something that looked like rice hardened ( this was not in her vomit but just saw it when I was bent down on floor on the floor). It looked like hardened rice but it was very very clear? Could that be a tapeworm? looked just like the bottom one on the pic but more sharpened edges and was clear looked like real rice. What do you think? Tapeworm or not? If so would iverhert max kill it? Can we catch it?
No - they are often a grain of rice in description.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Wanted to note I haven't seen any on our bed, this was just what I found in floor. Sorry I didn't know which you were referring to as no. It was very hard and tinted orangey but very clear like very translucent. Looked just like rice but translucent. Could it be a tapeworm egg? Can we catch it.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Wanted to see if you could clarify what you meant no to? The characteristics was that it looked identical to rice but was translucent almost clear with an orange hue. But overall you could almost see through it. Would this be a tapeworm egg? Is this harmful? Does one need to steam clean couch or anything pet has been on? Can humans catch from this?
I would have a stool sample checked by your vet to make the diagnosis and advise further. Otherwise it is difficult to know specifically what that is.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Follow up: you mentioned some concerns and wasnt enough to tell so wanted to update to see if this is a concern and what fo do, interceptor given since a pup, she's 7 lbs here's summary:
Went to iverheart max feb she threw up about 6 hours after I gave it to her
March fed her gave her iverheart she didn't throw up
Yesterday gave her April dose 6 hours later she threw up.
Now is it a concern? If so what do I do? I can't give her the ones like interceptions active ingredient because they contain something she can't take the flea pills. The other products are the same as the active Ingredient in iverheart. Any suggestions? Is it dangerous for her to be taking this, what else can I give?