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Dr. Debbie
Dr. Debbie, Veterinarian
Category: Dog
Satisfied Customers: 5035
Experience:  Full time practicing companion animal veterinarian.
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I have a chihuahua who woke up this morning limping and it

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I have a chihuahua who woke up this morning limping and it has progres, sively gotten worse through the day. He now will not walk on, not even to get up to eat. He wont
let me touch it and as far as i can see, the paw is swollen and there appears to be a abcess looking growth in between the pads of his paw or maybe a growth on the large pad itself. I can see some oozy stuff on the growth itself. His dad said that he heard him crying and carrying on in the. backyard last night and he looked at him then but didnt notice anything. He is an indoor dog and only goes out to use the restroom and to sunbathe.

Dr. Debbie :

Hello. I have a few questions...


Dr. Debbie :

I noticed you said he didn't want to get up to eat, but did he want to eat his food today?


Customer: Yes he did!
Dr. Debbie :

That is a good sign.


Dr. Debbie :

Was he completely normal before the crying incident last night in the yard?


Customer: absolutely! We have another dog that is more active and i thought that maybe he might have been a little rough o. Him but it appears to be an abcess or something.
Dr. Debbie :

An abscess would take several days to build up a draining infection, but a sudden cut or injury can cause drainage right away. The good thing is, if it is an injury that is draining, if you get treatment soon after it happens you can avoid an abscess. Most of the time antibiotics are needed to keep that from happening, though.


Customer: It could even be that he has done something to the pad itself
Dr. Debbie :

If it is a laceration in the pad or an injury there, it may even need to be sutured up or bandaged.


Customer: It looks like a sting maybe
Dr. Debbie :

A sting can cause a localized swelling, if you can tell me his weight, you can try some benadryl to see if it helps with the swelling.


Dr. Debbie :

If it doesn't help after a dose, it probably isn't a sting. Most of the time a sting will go away within 24 hours or so and get better and not worse like Radar's injury. It won't hurt to try some benadryl, tough.


Dr. Debbie :



Dr. Debbie :

It looks like you are having trouble staying in the chat room. I would go ahead and try giving Radar some benadryl tonight, but if he is not better tomorrow, I would let a veterinarian have a look.


Dr. Debbie :

If his weight is 5 lbs, he would take 5 mg. If he is 10 lbs, 10 mg. The liquid benadryl over the counter is 12.5 mg in a teaspoon which is 5 mls. You can calculate the dose from that. For example if he weighs 6 lbs, he would take 2.5 mls by mouth.


Dr. Debbie :

If it still looks swollen and especially if it has draining, I would get him in to a clinic tomorrow so you can get antibiotics started before it gets worse. It could also be swollen from a fracture or a sprained ligament, but usually there is not any drainage with this type of injury. Your vet can probably tell from feeling the limb.


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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Dr. Debbie,


Just an update about Radars condition, he is back to his old normal self and a movin' and a groovin'!!! We still never really knew what happened and I guess we wont ever know but you put our minds at ease and he is back to his old grumpy self again. Thanks again Dr. Debbie!!!

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