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Dr. John, Texas Veterinarian
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My dog has bright red gums and has vomited 3 times today.

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My dog has bright red gums and has vomited 3 times today. Vomit has been water /clear fluid and last time was grass and undigested food. He is drinking and did eat dinner but can tell he is not feeling well. Normal temp at 101.3. Vomiting started this morning bout 10a. He vomited twice in about 2 hrs. The last time was about 9.30p.

Hello. Thanks for writing in.

What breed of dog is Griffin?

Are his gums normally bright red? Are they just red in some areas and pink in others?

Does his abdomen seem distended?

If you press on his abdomen from both sides, is he painful or uncomfortable?

Any recent change in diet, new treats, given human food, gotten into the trash or potentially swallowed anything else?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Gums are usually bright pink. They have changed a bit back to normal over the last 30 min. But are bright red around teeth - this is abnormal. He is a mix breed weighs 50 lbs. Abdominal does not seem distended and he does not seem uncomfortable when I press on both change in diet, no people food and he has not gotten into anything that I know of.
Thanks for the information. The bright red color of the gums just above the teeth is actually gingivitis. If the gums are bright red everywhere, this usually signifies an infection or a toxin exposure. It may have been something he may have gotten into in the yard or even some type of plant toxin. Vomiting 3 times in 1 day for a dog his size is not an emergency situation, but it can be concerning if it happens. You may just see it from mild GI upset. It may be something that is passing now. If the abdomen is not painful, and the gums are becoming more pink; it would probably be okay to watch him tonight. If there is no blood in the vomit, Pepto Bismol is usually safe to give. The dosage is at You just shouldn't use it with a stomach ulcer. If the vomiting continues, he seems painful in the abdomen, he seems in distress, the gums before blue, pale, purple or bright red again or he seems very lethargic; I wouldn't hesitate to get him to you nearest emergency vet tonight. If he remains stable tonight but i still not up to par tomorrow, have you vet check him out. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Hope this helps.
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Hi Kris,

I'm just following up on our conversation about Griffin. How is everything going?

Texas Veterinarian
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thanks for checking back. I wound up taking him to my vet the next day due to continued vomiting. Blood work showed elevated liver readings. She indicated he had ingested something toxic. He was dehydrated as well given the extensive vomiting. Gave fluids and meds. He is much better. Not quite himself yet but much improved. Thanks so much. Was nice to have someone to contact after hours.
Great! Glad he is doing better. You are very welcome.