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My dog has swollen lymph nodes under both front legs. Today

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My dog has swollen lymph nodes under both front legs. Today she had a complete check up with biopsies performed. My vet just called back to tell me that the blood work and X-rays looked fine and normal. So the only thing we wait for are the biopsy results. Is there a correlation between the blood work and X-rays to lymphoma? My dog is a 9 year old Golden Retriever.
Hi there,

Thanks for your question regarding your 9 year old Golden Retriever boy Buddi who has had xrays, bloods and biopsies of two enlarged prescapular lymph nodes today. Here's hoping these are just reactive lymph nodes due to inflammation or infection, rather than this being lymphoma. If all of the other lymph nodes palpated normally to your Vet , then lymphoma is less likely.

The only real way to get a definitive diagnosis of lymphoma is via biopsy - which is what you are now waiting on (it will probably be a couple of days before you get this result back). The bloodwork is helpful and sometimes we can even see abnormal lymphocytes on a blood smear, however bloodwork can never really confirm or rule out lymphoma. I assume the remainder of the bloods were good meaning Buddie has good kidney and liver function etc.

The xrays taken are typically of the chest to check for signs of spread of a tumor. We call this a met (metastasis) check. If the xrays of his chest were all clear, this again doesn't rule out lymphoma, but does mean that spread of a tumor to the chest is very unlikely.

Ultimately - the key to Buddi's diagnosis lies in that histopathology we are waiting on. Hopefully it is all clear. If on the off chance this lymphoma, then further testing of today's sample will be needed to clarify the type. I have had several dogs treated for lymphoma over the last 6 months - all of which are currently doing well with their chemotherapy regimes. Let's hope it isn't lymphoma however! I'll keep my fingers crossed for Buddi.

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Kind Regards,

Dr M D Edwards

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