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My dog sounds like he has something caught in his throat. He

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My dog sounds like he has something caught in his throat. He started coughing last night...more like a gag then sounds like he is trying to get something out. Thick white liquid comes out also about 50% of the time when he gags...poor baby. It is Sunday so if I can wait til tomorrow to take him to the vet that would be best...any ideas on what may be wrong with my Houey?

Hello,I am sorry to hear your dog is having some trouble. I would love to help I just have a few questions so I can better assist you. Please understand I try to ask all relevant questions at one time, however your reply may prompt a few more. Since I am unable to see your pet I must rely on information.

Has Houey been around other dogs at the dog, park, groomers, boarding or just on walks?

Is he eating normally?

Does he get rawhides or bones?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
We talk long walks around the neighborhood and he was at the park last Sunday.

He is eating normally and drinking water..I actually believe he started coughing last night while eating but kept eating from his bowl.

He has a stick - that he chews on that I bought yesterday. It is like wood but not...

Thank you so much for your help. Poor little buddy...

Thank you for the additional information.

If he is eating then this tells us that nothing is actually caught in the throat so I do not think this is something that you have to rush to the vet for today.

There are several possible causes for what is going on.
* Kennel cough- This will very often cause them to spit up a foamy substance after coughing. The incubation period for this is 5-7 days so it is very possible that he was exposed at the dog park.Click here
* Intestinal parasites- This can cause coughing as the worms migrate into the esophagus
* Infection or injury in the throat- If he chewed and swallowed any of the chew stick this could have scratched the throat.
This is not meant to be a list of all possible causes only the most common

For now you can try Robitussin DM to see if this helps with the cough. This is dosed at 1 teaspoon per 20lbs of body weight every 6-8 hours.

If the coughing continues for more then 3-4 days, he stops eating or declines in any way then I would have him seen by a vet.

I hope this helps . Please reply back if you have additional questions or concerns. If you have no additional questions please remember to rate my service before exiting the site so I can be credited for my time. Please let me know if the rating box is missing or you are unable to rate for any reason.

Best Wishes
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
It is a cough but sounds more like a gag...he does this thing before he dry heaving...then gags...he wimpers and cries some. I have seen him spit up stuff before but it has never lasted this long and it sounds different.

If you have any other thoughts please let me know. I really appreciate your time and help.
If he is crying then I would be more suspicious of a infection such as tonsillitis click here or injury to his throat.

You can try a spoonful of honey to see if this helps at all. Aspirin can also be used short term at a dose of 5mgs per pound of body weight every 12 hours this should help if there is any swelling. Just be sure to tell the vet you used this as it can prevent them from giving other medications

If neither of these help then I would try the Robitusiin DM as I can not rule out kennel cough.
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