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Dr. Hinson
Dr. Hinson, Dog Veterinarian
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Hi i have just found a soft lump in my dogs lower right side

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Hi i have just found a soft lump in my dogs lower right side of abdomen. It feels like a soft bubble which rolls around as you feel it. The size is about that of a 20 cent coin. can you shed some light?? Many thanks Jayne :o)
Hi Jayne,

Welcome to Just Answer! I'm Dr. Hinson and I'd like to help you with your question.

I think what you are feeling is a lipoma which is a benign fatty tumor that many dogs get as they age. Now, that being said, we can never know 100% for sure what a lump isn't just by feeling it.

Find out for sure what it is, you need to either do a fine needle aspirate where your vet sticks a needle directly into the lump to get some cells and then put those cells on a microscope slide and look at those cells under the microscope OR surgically remove the lump and send that lump off to a lab for histopathology where the lab cuts the lump into sections and analyzes them under the microscope to identify exactly what cells make up that lump.

For good measure you should probably have your vet to look at it but it sounds to me like a benign lipoma.

I hope this answers your question. Please let me know if you have any others!

I have two cattle dogs! They are my favorite! Good luck to you and Beatrice!

Dr. Hinson
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