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If my dog has gastritis or gastroenteritis would it be painful

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If my dog has gastritis or gastroenteritis would it be painful for him to go poop. He can pee fine.
Hello,I am sorry to hear your boy is having some trouble. I would love to help I just have a few questions so I can better assist you.

Did your vet diagnose him with gastroenteritis?

Were x rays done?

Is he on any medications if so what?

Are his stool loose?

Any vomiting?

What is he doing that makes you think he is painful when passing stool?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
OK here I go.... Sunday night he had vomitting and diarrhea, Monday it seemed as though he had no more diarrhea left in him but kept repeately vomitting. All day every couple hours or so... I syringed a mix of pedialite and water into him even though he kept throwing up. Monday night I googled and relized I could give him some pepto. I gave him 1/4 teaspoon because I didnt want to further complicate things and overdose him. I figured something to settle his stomach. Tuesday morning I took him to the vet and I am VERY(now) limited on money and we treated the symptoms. He got an IV bag into his back, an injection of Cerenia??, flagyl meds I was to give him at home, and wormer to start at home. They could not get a fecal due to nothing in there so they sent me home with a cup. When I got home he did stop vomitting and still no stool but he seemed comatosed to the extent I thought he would not make it through the night. He did... So this morning I called the vet and brought him in again to get a pancreas test and a parvo test. Both negative. They thought I should get a complete blood count, so I scrounged up the money and did so. Everything seemed ok, a slightly high WBC but nothing dangerous he said. I have a copy of it. Pretty much all in normal range, or just about there. Well today he did start to drink water, but eating out of the question. He wanted me to get an xray but I am strapped at this point. He thought that I should continue to give him the nausea med and start the antibiotic pill which I am leary about. Still no vomitting but also no eating. He refuses. So the vet said maybe either a blockage, virus or gastritis which was triggered by the virus. Still no eating and he is drinking ok, but is very lethargic wont move around a lot, I know he is weak due to no eating but is still hyrated according to labs. He went to go poop earlier today and he squirted out a little water and gas. This last time he went to go, he urinated fine but when it came time to poop nothing came out and he almost froze. He didnt even want to walk. So my question is could gastritis hurt to go poop, or does it sound like a blockage. I am afraid of a blockage because of the surguery bill.
Thank you for the additional information .

Tough call here. I asked about the x rays to be sure they looked for a blockage. With the symptoms you have described this really needs to be ruled out.

Having diarrhea for a few days can make it painful to pass stool , it can also cause some straining due to increased urge to go with nothing to pass. It should not make him painful to the point that he does not want to move Gastritis can cause pain as well both in the abdomen and when passing stool but again not to this extent

You mention that you are leery of the antibiotic so I am not sure if you are giving it or not but if gastritis caused by bacterial infection it will not clear without the medication.

I know finances are tight but there may be some things we can do to help.
There are a few companies that offer credit cards just for vet care, these are low to no interest depending on how long you finance
Click here

If your vets office is AAHA accredited( you will have to ask) then you can ask them to apply for a grant from AAHA for you

Most areas also have programs and low cost clinics if you can tell me where you are located I can see what is available for you

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Yesterday I did try and apply for the CareCredit and was denied due to low credit score. I dont understand all my newer credit is good but not good enough I guess. So I am willing to try anything that doesnt involve credit. I did give him the Cerenia about 2 hours ago and was going to try and give him the first dose of Flagyl. The vet did say it would be bitter and put butter on it to get it to slide down better. I just hope it doesnt upset his tummy since we have come so far. Thats my only hestitancy. I am just hoping that it is a virus and the meds work. I cant lose him we have come to far.But like I said surgery would be to much for me right now. I am a single mother of 3 and I go to school so my finances are VERY tight. I have spent $500 dollars that I did not have in 2 days on him and I would spend more in a heart beat but dont have any more to spend. I am trying to scrounge the xray money up. I hope you understand. I am grasping for straws. Could the pepto have binded him up to much. 1/4 tsp Monday night?
I completely understand , we never judge on the inability to pay. We know that sometimes there are just limits.

Let me know where you are as a single mom you may qualify for some programs to get this paid for. Also ask if they are AAHA accredited . A grant from AAHA has nothing to do with credit so that is not a problem.

That small of a dose of the Pepto would not have caused him to be constipated.

Some other things you can try are
* If he will drink get a product called DogSure at the pet store this is a liquid diet that will help give him some nutrients that he really needs right now. In a pinch you can try plain ensure or boost .

* try offering some baby food chicken flavor no onion or garlicor boiled chicken
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

I have tried cat food, dog food, chicken and rice, cheese.... just about anything, but I know chicken and rice is the preffered. I was grasping at straws. Still nothing. What dog doesnt like cat food, wet????? At least water is something. But does it sound like a blockage because water is coming out and gas, trust me I heard it across the yard. And peeing is fine. Does a blockage stop a dog from urinating or just pooping? Thanks you are a big help. I live in Titusville Fl area. The Space Coast area.

A blockage does not prevent them from urinating only passing stool. Unfortunately passing water stool can be associated with a blockage as well as the other things mentioned by your vet .

Central Brevard Humane Society: has low cost care available so call them first thing in the morning

American Veterinary Medical Foundation has grants that can help

St. Francis Animal Hospital: Jacksonville (assistance for veterinary care including spay/neuter)

I would also call your local ASPCA and Animal Care and Control they may have other programs in your area that have not been updated in my system yet.

Try the liquid diet, and mix his water 1/2 and 1/2 with pedialyte to balance his electrolytes
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I read that if he has gas that it probably isnt a blockage could this be true? I know I am grasping for straws. Now that I know he doesnt have Parvo, or Pancreas issues, and his bloodwork is good I thought I would feel better but I can see the pain he is in more and more. So you do feel that I should start antibiotic asap? I did give him the Cerenia over 2 hours ago.
Oh no they absolutely can have gas with a blockage.
One other thing you can try is Pepcid AC . When they do not eat stomach acid will build this can cause nausea making them less likely to eat . This is dosed at 0.5mgs per pound every 12 hours.

I would state the antibiotics as instructed by your vet.

Please keep me posted on how he is doing
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I forgot to mention I did give him one 10mg pepcid this afternoon and he kept that down. OK i guess I will tka eht chance and give the antibiotic. It cant hurt right? Except make him puke again. It breaks my heart, thanks again. Once I give him this med how long before I know if he will throw up or not do you think?
This is not normally a medication that causes vomiting so hopefully this will not happen. If it is going to make him sick it will be within 2 hours.

The 10mg Pepcid may not be enough so the next dose you may want to go up to the 0.5 mgs per pound

You are very welcome. I am on every day so I will be here to help you though as much as I can .
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Well I just gave him his first dose. I hope he got it all. He crunched it up and was drooling and gaging while I fORCED it down his throat. But no puke so far. Gosh that was torture. I had to fight an already sick dog. I hope it gets better, butter didnt do anything but make him mad.
Oh and that medicine tastes horrible I know first hand .

You can try coating it in olive oil instead of the butter this should help it slide down the trick is to get it as far back in the throat as possible.
Candy and 2 other Dog Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
OK thanks a bunch. I pray it is fixable, I have come to far to be at a stop. It could be deadly. Thanks again for your help.
You are very welcome.

Call those agencies tomorrow and see if they can help with x rays. Please let me know how he is doing tomorrow . All follow up is at no charge so just come back to this thread