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Dr. John
Dr. John, Texas Veterinarian
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My dog has swollen and red lips, swellling around the snout,

Customer Question

My dog has swollen and red lips, swellling around the snout, his front paws are swollen, and he won't move from the same spot. He started limping on one paw a bit two days ago. Now limping on the other paw. It's oozing some. No swelling this am. This doesn't seem like the normal allergies to me. he has allergy issues like clockwork every fall. So, this would be early and the symptoms are different. His temperature is 102.7. yes, I took it correctly! haha! Seems lathargic to me. He's a border collie so any action or sound gets him going. He's just staying put. Which is not normal. I gave him 50mg benedryl an hour ago.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Dr. John replied 5 years ago.

Hello. Thanks for writing in.


How much does he weigh?


What exactly is oozing some?


Are the entire limbs swollen or just hte paws?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
he weighs 68 pounds. He is swollen up past the dew claw but not all the way up the legs. It's only the front paws.
It just started oozing and it's a creamy whitish color. It's not a lot but enough to notice around the large pad. Fur between the pads is damp from the oozing.
Expert:  Dr. John replied 5 years ago.

Thanks for the information.


Are there any sores on the skin on the paws?


Does he seem in distress?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
He's not in distress. Hes pretty calm. He's not bugging us for dinner and that's weird.
There is a raw area but I think that was from doggy day care. That normally happens. It's the other paw thats oozing. i cleaned both paws looking for debris, sores, bites and nothing.
His nose is totally dry and warm. His ears and tongue are very warm. That's why I took his temp.
Expert:  Dr. John replied 5 years ago.
Thanks for the information. The oozing does have me concerned. It could be an abscess or even draining from a bite wound, possibly a snake. Edema from heart, liver, kidney or chronic gastrointestinal issues are always possible as well. The swelling and redness on the face does suggest an allergic reaction, though. You can give him another 25-50mg of Benedryl to see and wash his paws with a soap and water combination for abotu 5-10 minutes to see if that helps. If the swelling doesn't look any better in an hour, if the swelling or paws are looking worse, or if he seems to be in pain or distress, I wouldn't hesitate having him seen by your nearest veterinary emergency clinic tonight. Either way, I would have your vet check him out in the morning. I just hate for his condition to continue to worsen before that time. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Hope this helps.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Wouldn't a snake bite of reacted much more quickly?
Should we feed him or hold off on that? I didn't mention that lastnight he pooped in our living room during the night which he never ever does. It was a normal bowel movement.
At what temp should I get really concerned? l know dogs tend to run higher than humans. 104?
Expert:  Dr. John replied 5 years ago.
Snake bites can vary in their severity greatly. It depends on the age of the snake and when they last ate. Swelling can show up very quickly, or it can take some time. If he will eat, I would go ahead and let him. Eating is usually a good sign. Anything over 103.5, I would start to become more concerned. Hope this helps.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
right now its 102.7. My husband is trying to get to go to the bathroom. Walked out the door and just layed down. I am going to keep an eye on his paws and lips to see if it gets worse. Also, keep checking his temp. If it gets worse I will take him in but definately will do it in the am.
I will give him more benedryl. 50mg. I also have novax 75 mg. I gave him one lastnight. Would it help to give him another one? or just skip it?
Expert:  Dr. John replied 5 years ago.
Chances are the Novax won't hurt him and can keep his temperature down, but I can't gaurantee it. I will say that if this was happening with my dog, and there hasn't been any vomiting or diarrhea, I would probably give some. Hope this helps.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thanks for the help! If he gets any worse I definately will take him tonight.
Thanks again,
Expert:  Dr. John replied 5 years ago.
You are very welcome. Just keep careful eye on him. Let me know if you have any other concerns. Good luck!!
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I'm staying up with him and set my alarm for every hour in case I fall asleep. That way I can check on him a lot. I probably won't fall asleep anyway because I'm worried about him. He's just like one of our kids but he listens and wears his toys out until we have to trash them. haha!
Expert:  Dr. John replied 5 years ago.

It will probably be hard to sleep, worrying about him. I know how that feels. I sometimes do it with some of my patients. Try and get some rest, though, as well. It is okay to sleep some.