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My dog is leaking blood-tinged urine. She is 6-years old and

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My dog is leaking blood-tinged urine. She is 6-years old and has had an ultrasound and blood tests. The blood tests are normal and the ultrasound shows no sign of irritation or stones in her bladder or kidneys. She does have a mass on her spleen. She does not seem to be in any pain. She did have a bladder infection which she was on Clovamox for. She is now on doxycycline because we thought she might have a tick-borne illness which the blood tests were negative for.
Hello,I would love to help I just have a few additional questions.Each answer is typed individually so please allow me a few minutes after your reply.

Did your vet recommand removal of the spleen ?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
She did mention that as a last resort. We have another dog and the vet thinks that maybe he might have rammed into her side while they were playing and bruised her spleen. She seemed to think it was more of a blood blister than a mass. She said it was difficult to tell what it was and that she would need to be operated on to actually see for sure. She wanted that to be the last resort. Also, that might explain the blood but not the fact that she is incontinent right?
Thank you for the additional information .

Incontinence itself is very very common in female dogs even more so as they age so that really is not the concern.
The concern is the blood tinged urine and the mass on the spleen.

Any time there is a mass on the spleen aggressive treatment should be considered. More then 50% of these are cancerous and can spread quickly. These masses also bleed and many dogs will pass due to severe blood loose, if we wait until bleeding starts then the risks of surgery are increased.With tumors on the spleen it is not a matter of if it will get a bleed but when.

It is not uncommon to see blood tinged or brown urine in these dogs due to breakdown of red blood cells when hemoglobin starts getting excreted.

Click here for more on this
Here is more

I would suggest getting a second opinion on what this is on the spleen. If this is a mass then removal of the spleen needs to be considered before this progresses.

I hope all goes well, please reply back if you have additional questions
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
My vet mentioned that dogs live with masses and that sometimes you don't even know that they have them. Could the blood from the spleen be the cause of the blood in her urine? Does the spleen leak (for lack of a medical term) into the bladder? Also, the ultrasound showed that there was no blood loss out of the spleen into her body cavity.
Yes the blood can be from the spleen this is not due to the spleen actually bleeding but more due to breakdown of red blood cells when hemoglobin starts getting excreted.

Your correct that some dogs can live for several years with these tumors and we do not know they have them . We figure out they have them when the dog becomes critical due to a bleed or the cancer spread to other areas of the body.

You are very lucky in the fact that they found this early which is why it is even more important that this be addressed. These tumors do not go away and they do not stay small they grow and they bleed.

To simply say oh a dog can live with this for years is not in the best interest of your dog. I highly recommend a second opinion in this case.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Ok thank you. Our vet did mention most of this information and we are seeing her tomorrow.


The vet said that there was no sign of cancer and that her red and white blood cell count was good.


This is certainly a mystery!

I am so glad there are no signs of cancer and hopefully this is a benign tumor but the only way to know is to biopsy the mass or remove the spleen and send it out to the lab.

I hope she does ok and feels better soon
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thank you! Me too!
You are very welcome. I would love to know how she is doing it you do not mind popping in and giving me an update . Just come back to this thread.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Will do Candy. Thanks for caring! Do you know--if I "accept answer" will I only get charged the $15? I don't want to join anything or be subscribed to anything. Sorry--I'm always a little skeptical with these types of things. Undecided
You are very welcome. You account does not appear to have a subscription attached so it should only be the one charge. Once we are finished I will send this to customer service so they can be sure that no additional charges are applied
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Thank you Candy. I appreciate that. I am attaching a picture of both of our dogs. Aquila (the one I am asking you about) is on the right. Loki is our "boy". These have 4 children besides these two and they are the least of our worries!