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Five week old female puppy foaming at mouth, shaking, and whining.

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Five week old female puppy foaming at mouth, shaking, and whining. Still on mother. Rescued litter. Possible breed is Carolina dog and chow mix. Dewormed almost a week ago and has experienced some constipation in the last 24 hours. Gave enema under vets advice. Mother contracted distemper while in shelter and gave to puppies. Over that now though.

Hi Jacustomer-fveae9um~


Have you noticed any coughing?


Does the pup sound rattly when she breathes?


Is she eating, drinking, urinating, normally?


Is she on any medications now?

Are her gums pink, or pale?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
No coughing. Breathing sounds fine. Still on mother and no weight lost. No medications now. Gums appear to be pink.

Thanks for answering my questions.


There are actually many reasons a dog may foam at the mouth:


**A dog who has been playing hard or burning off a lot of energy might have foam in their mouth. This is because they salivate alot when playing, and then the panting can turn the saliva into a froth in the mouth.


**A puppy who gets a bad taste in their mouth will often salivate or foam at the mouth.


**Having an upset stomach can cause a dog to salivate and pant, which creates that foam again.



**Stress or anxiety can cause a dog to foam at the mouth. The nerves/anxiety cause the dog to drool, which again combined with panting causes the foam.


**If the pup could have gotten into anything toxic or poisonous, this could cause the foaming as well. If there's even a remote possibility that the puppy got into something they shouldn't have, then you need to have her seen by a vet immediately.


**Unfortunately, the biggest possibilty in this puppy would be a seizure. Seizures can cause a dog to foam at the mouth. The seizure activity often causes a dog to salivate and when you combine that with the way they can pant, it creastes foam around the mouth. Since your puppy did contract distemper from her mother, there is a possibility that this could be seizure activity.


Sadly, without being able to see her for sure and evaluate her, it's almost impossible to know for sure what is going on. Since in addition to the foaming, she's also whining and shaking, I would strongly suggest that you have her seen by an emergency vet tonight..just to be on the safe side.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Just found out another rescue litter experienced the same symptoms after being dewormed. Same type of dewormer and that litter was done on Saturday. This one was done on Tuesday. Other litter is now fine. Could it be a bad batch of dewormer causing this?
It could be...but I wouldn't expect that she'd have this reaction this long after being wormed....I would expect almost an immediate reaction rather than one 3+ days later...especially since the rest of the litter you have now didn't have the same reaction...
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Only 2 other pups in this litter. One is fine never really got sick with the distemper either. The other is also showing signs of constipation but isn't whining or shaking. 7 other puppies didn't win the battle against the distemper. Heart breaking to say the least especially when it could have been prevented. The other rescue litter showed these symptoms 3 days later like this one is. It is also a litter of 3 but older and never went through distemper. Only connection is same vet, who I love as a vet, and same dewormer.

Thanks for the additional information.


Since she's acting mostly normal, you could try monitoring her for tonight and then re-evaluate her tomorrow and see if she's better. If she gets better, then we can write it off to the wormer...if she doesn't then you absolutely need to get her seen by a vet.


In the meantime, you could rub a little Karo or Pancake syrup on her gums, just to ward off any hypoglycemia (low blood sugar)...just to be on the safe side.

Lisa and 2 other Dog Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Already did some pancake syrup to be safe. Will monitor her and contact regular vet in morning. By the way notice in your information sentence that you love bully breeds. Wanted to say thanks! Bully lover here to. Thank you. Will update you as things progress. Hopefully it will be getting better and staying that way!