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Dr. Andy
Dr. Andy, Medical Director
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How much Tumeric should I give my dog on a daily basis? He

Resolved Question:

How much Tumeric should I give my dog on a daily basis? He is a 6 yr old boxer, weighs 86 .lbs. In the stores the pills come in 300-450 mgs. thanks.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Dr. Andy replied 5 years ago.

Dr. Andy :

Welcome to JustAnswer! I would be happy to assist you. I am a 2003 graduate from UC Davis and a Medical Director of a 4 veterinarian practice.

Dr. Andy :


Dr. Andy :

Although considering of potential benefit in people for its anti-inflammatory action, we really don't use this is veterinary medicine.

Dr. Andy :

I have a link that will provide some dosing information, but would urge strongly against not stopping a good non-steroidal anti-inflammatory like carprofen.

Dr. Andy :

I would at least consider a "different" NSAID with your vet.

Dr. Andy :

A few common medications prescribed by vets (not all options, but many of the most common choices):

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs





Pain Control





Dr. Andy :

Here's the tumeric info:

Dr. Andy :


Dr. Andy :

Currently, one of my favorite joint support supplements on the market is Dasuquin or Cosequin. Here is some more information about it. Many veterinarians and clients have observed that after a few months on a quality joint support product, they can often reduce the dose of the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications there pets may already be taking. A supplement can take several weeks to observe benefit, so it is important additional anti-inflammatory or pain medications are used in the meantime.


Product Information about Dasuquin / Cosequin


Also, an incredible clinically tested food to help with joint problems is J/D.

J/D Diet


Dr. Andy :

Also, if losing hair make sure to have a blood test done, and make sure it includes a thyroid level. Hypothyroidism (low thyroid hormone) is quite common and can cause hair loss as you describe.

Dr. Andy :

Hope that extra info helps

Dr. Andy :

Dr. Andy

Dr. Andy :


If there is something I have not covered for you, please let me know. I apologize if you had any problems getting into the chat or receiving your answer. Please let me know if you had any difficulties.

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After we conclude this question, I can be requested for additional questions through my profile at: Dr. Andy


Expert:  Dr. Andy replied 5 years ago.
I wanted to add something.
If you decide to move forward with giving the tumeric based on the dosing in the link I suggestion:

Only start with 1/2 as much and do that for a few days.
Make sure it is not causing any reactions or stomach/intestinal upset before going to the recommended dose.

Good Luck
Dr. Andy
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
To be honest I was displeased with your answer as you really didn't answer my question, just gave me another website to reference. I do not want to continue to drug my dog and you recommended different drugs. He had to have the carpofen due to an injury and he still is in some pain plus this injury seems to have brought on signs of osteo-arthritis. I would prefer to use natural healing if possible as sometimes drugs aren't the answer as in this case his hair loss is a direct relation to the Carprofen. I have had a thorough blood test on him as I present all medical charts to the owners of the female boxers he is hired as a stud for. Unfortunately with the hair loss he is not quite the stud he once was! Thanks but $23 is too much; I'll pay it just because I agreed to it in principal but I want my account closed and expect no other charges to occur after this one!

Expert:  Dr. Andy replied 5 years ago.
You can still follow through with trying the tumeric.

Also, definitely take a look at the Cosequin and Dasuquin supplements. They can take a few weeks to be of benefit, but would be great for what you are considering.

The J/D diet is also filled with an incredible amount of omega 3 fatty acid (not equaled by just supplementing). Well worth a look.

I hope maybe the combination of supplements can get the job done.

After you click "accept" I will also make a specific request to customer service to ensure there is no other charges or repeating charges.

Good Luck
Dr. Andy and other Dog Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
thanks! don't mean to sound like an ass but you understand people and the love for their pets! Appreciate the advise and I will ask my vet about those other supplements. Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX good evening! Paul