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Experience:  AAS Vet Tech. Bully breed rehab & Behavior modification
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My dogs penis is outside the sheath and fully engorged for

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My dog's penis is outside the sheath and fully engorged for 24 hours now. I've used sugar/water solution in a towel wrapped around it and KY gel. I don't know how to get it started to go back inside the sheath. Please help.



Because his penis had been out as long as it has, he officially has a problem called paraphimosis. This is an inability to withdraw the penis back inside of the sheath (the prepuce). This condition if untreated may lead to severe penile trauma. The penis rapidly becomes dry, cyanotic (blood flow to it is cut off), edematous (swollen) and painful. The penis can become infected causing a system wide infection called sepsis. It can also become necrotic (dead) and actually fall off your dog after some time.


I own a Maltipoo that had the exact same problem with his previous owner (she relinquished ownership of him after she didn't want to pay for the surgery to amputate his penis and save his life) who waited for 2 days before seeking medical attention. He ended up needing emergency surgery called a perineal urethrostomy...essentially this means they amputated his penis and testicles and re-routed his plumbing giving him a little urination hole out the back.


Sadly, you have already tried all the at-home suggestions I would have offered you. At this point, he is absolutely going to need to be seen by an emergency vet immediately. They'll get him on some antibiotics and pain medications and will likely sedate him so they can try something else to get his penis back in the sheath.


I'm sorry to have to deliver such bad news.


Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Is there anything I can do at this time to help with the pain/blood circulation? Will ice work? I have also given him some asprin.

No, there truly is no home treatment..,.and icing it can actually cause a bit of frostbite, so let's not use that.


If this had only been going on for an hour or two, I'd tell you to go ahead and just monitor it and see if it improves, but since his penis has essentially been without any blood flow for 24 hours, there is a very real possibility that this could require surgery to repair. The longer you wait, the less likely it is that your dog is going to be able to keep his penis.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
With his age, what kind of life will he have, and will he recover from the surgery? Is it problematic if he keeps licking it?

I think you should let the vet take a look before we even remotely worry about surgery.


However, as long as he's in generally good health, then he should do fine in surgery and recover normally.


I would not let him lick...although I understand why he's doing it. The problem he's having right now is very, very painful (think about times you wrapped a rubber band around your fingers and watched them turn imagine that on a penis), so getting him in to the emergency vet is the absolute best option.

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I would like to thank you for your advice. I was able to take Bear into the vet the next morning and after being put under and about 20 minutes later he was able to get everything back to where it belonged without any damage. He is doing well and given the circumstances we have made the decision to fix our other dog to prevent another situation. I would like to thank you again for the information and guiding me in the right direction. If I ever have any further questions I will not hesitate to use this service and will recommend to friends and family. Once again, a personal thank you to you.


I am so happy to hear that Bear is doing better and I commend your decision to get him neutered!!


Give him a pat on the head for me!!

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Oh he is neutered, our other dog needs to get spayed. We didn't think there would be an issue... but I guess you can't stop animal instincts. Ha ha.
Nature trumps western medicine every time!!