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My dog is lethargic and vomiting a lot. At first it was a yellow

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My dog is lethargic and vomiting a lot. At first it was a yellow frothy slime, and the last few had some pink in it. He went poop like normal this morning but by the afternoon he has not budged. I tried taking him for a walk but he wouldn't move very fast and laid down in some dirt. I had to pick him up and carry him back home.

Hello. Thanks for writing in.


Did the vomiting just start today?


How often has he vomited?


Any recent change in diet, new treats, given human food or gotten into the trash?


Anything else around the house or yard he could have gotten into or swallowed?


What color are his gums?


If you press on his abdomen from both sides, is he painful or uncomfortable?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
He just started vomiting today around 1PM. He seemed completely normal before then. He's vomited probably 7-8 times now. I did give him a Purina "Busy Bone" yesterday and he ate the whole thing in one sitting, it's about 5 inches long. I figured this is what triggered it, but I've never seen him this lethargic from getting sick before. It's possible he could've gotten hold of something but very unlikely as I don't see anything missing. His gums are quite pink. I pressed on his abdomen but he didn't seem to squirm or show any signs of major pain. However, about 3 weeks ago he ate some chicken along with the bones and I'm afraid this may have something to do with what's going on, however I feel it was so long ago that it was a non-issue by now.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
He also hasn't slept at all today, he's just been laying down staring off into space, not responding to me too much. But he's come into other rooms and laid right at my feet, which he doesn't normally do. Now he's laying down on the couch and his legs are kind of twitching a little bit every few seconds. He's closing his eyes too, I'm HOPING he's finally just resting...
Thanks for the information. If the bone was a new thing for him, it could definitely cause some gastrointestinal upset. If that is the case, my concern wouldn't be so much with the Purina treat than with his current signs. Vomiting 7-8 times in less than 1/2 a day is a lot. He is most likely dehydrated from this much vomiting. The extreme lethargy is a concern as well. If he didn't digest the bone correctly, it could be causing an obstruction. He may have even eating something else that is causing an obstruction or that is toxic. A pancreatitis, liver problems, GI ulcer and other sources of GI trauma are all possible. I doubt if the chicken bones would be causing issues 3 weeks later either. I am concerned about the pink color in the vomit. Does it look like it could be blood? If so, it could be some major GI trauma. In all honesty, with his signs, I would recommend bringing him to your nearest emergency vet for some bloodwork and x-rays. At the vary least, I would have him on some fluid therapy and medications to control nausea. Trying to syringe him water would be a wasted cause for you. You will never be able to get enough into him orally to correct dehydration and keep up with maintenance needs. He needs to be on intravenous fluids while some tests are ran on him to make sure it is nothing serious. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Hope this helps.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Well the bone is more of a dog treat, not an actual "hard" bone. It's meant to be eaten, so I'm not sure if you understand that or think it's an actual dog bone. I didn't think the pink was blood, but I can't imagine what else it's from.
I figured it was more of a treat. I just wanted to make sure. I am not too familiar with this treat, so I wanted to make sure it is not a very hard treat. Even with very hard treats, if they swallow a larger piece, it can be difficult to digest. The pink could be due to some coloring in the bone or even some of her regular diet. Either one have a pink color to them?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
That was my first thought too, but the main color of the bone is a sand color with tiny specs of green and red. I thought maybe the red specs could do it, but honestly I doubt there's enough of them to change the color of his vomit throughout the day. He responds to me when I talk to him and ask if he wants to go for a walk. He lifts his head up and stretches his legs while lying down, but he hasn't actually moved for an hour or so. Could he just be tired from no sleep today and all the vomiting?
Well, vomiting can take a lot out of you. It could also be due to dehydration as well. If she is stretching his legs a lot while lying down, it could be due to abdominal discomfort. Sometimes they will stretch their abdomen out to relieve some pressure on it. They normally do it with their chest on the ground and rear end up in the air, though.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Is there anything over the counter that I do for his dehydration and nausea? I've given him Pepto before (under my vet's instructions in the past) but I wasn't sure if I should give him some right now.
I wouldn't usually recommend Pepto in instances like this. It should only be used with mild vomiting or diarrhea with no trace of blood or possibility of an GI bleeding. It has an aspirin derivative in it, so it is not completely innocuous. About the safest thing I can recommend at this point would be Pepcid. 2.5mg per 10lbs of body weight daily is a standard dosage. If not helping, though, he really needs to be seen by a vet. You can try pedialyte for dehydration. Just like water, though, it is unlikely you will correct dehydration and keep up with maintenance trying to give oral fluids to a dog. Intravenous, or even fluids under the skin in some instances, is the only real way to correct severe dehydration. Hope this helps.
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Okay thank you for all of your help, I really appreciate it. Thank you very much =]
You are very welcome. You have a good night.