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Dr. Dave
Dr. Dave, Veterinarian
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Experience:  21 years small animal general and emergency practice
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Where are the lymphnodes located on a dog? Thanks

Customer Question

Where are the lymphnodes located on a dog?

Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Dr. Dave replied 5 years ago.

Hello, and thanks for writing in.

Dogs have many lymph nodes in their body, but only five paired sets of lymph nodes can be palpated on the outside of their body (the rest are located inside of the body). The five nodes that can be palpated are:

-submandibular (under/behind the back curve of the jaw).

-prescapular (in front of each shoulder).

-axillary (in each front "armpit").

-inguinal (in each groin area of the back legs).

-popliteal (behind each knee, on the back of each back leg).


There is an article about lymph nodes in pets HERE. Toward the middle of the article, it talks about each of the five lymph nodes I mentioned, and shows where they are located. It shows the location on a cat, but it's the same on a dog.


I hope this helps.

Dr. Dave

Dr. Dave and 2 other Dog Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
So there arent any just below the front of the next but above the chest bone?
Expert:  Dr. Dave replied 5 years ago.

Hard to say exactly where you are talking about, but from your description - no, there are not any in that location.


Dr. Dave

Dr. Dave and 2 other Dog Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I have a mini schnauzer with an upset tummy. I have some Ondansetron on hand that the vet gave us last time he got nauseated. I cant remember if this happened the last time but can Ondansetron cause urinary incontinence in dogs? B/c i gave it to him at around 11am and he pee'd just a tiny bit in the bed around 1230 then a tiny tiny bit on the sheet i put down on the sofa about 15minutes ago. I took him outside to pee and he pee'd a few times. Pooped also. Poop was normal no diarrhea.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Hey again!!!! Another issue i have a need to get a 2nd opinion about from you. A few months ago Milo developed a small growth on his rear about 3 inches from his anus. It looked just like black mole and was perfectly round. In January we went in for Milo's bi-montly post chemo checkup and our oncologist did a fine needle aspirate of the round growth and told us it was a Papilloma and it wasnt anything serious just to keep an eye on it to make sure it didnt grow. Well that was 2 months ago and since then it has gotten bigger. We went in today for his post chemo checkup and everything fine except that round growth our oncologist diagnosed had dubled in size. About 1/2 inch in diamater but still perfectly round. Unfortunately our regular oncologist wasnt in today (i guess he was sick b/c we had the appt scheduled with him) we had to see a different oncologist. She totally dismissed our regular vets diagnosis via needle aspirate of it being a Papilloma and said it culd be a benign or malignant mole/skin cancer. Kinda thought it was unprofessional how she went against my regular vets diagnosis in such a way. Anyway she had us speak with the clinic's Vet that does surgeries and he suggested we have it removed before it gets any bigger and any closer to his anus. I have no problem with that. Milo has had 6 surgeries in his lifetime over at this regular vets (3 mole removals and 3 cystotomies). First thing is in the past when he's had a mole removed (one had to be removed deep) the cost was around 650 bucks. They quoted us an estimate today at the cancer clinic of 2100 bucks!!! Dont u think that's a big outrageous? Plus they want to keep Milo overnite which i find pointless. The Vet told us it wuld only take 20minutes for him to remove the growth. LIke i said he's had 3 mole removal surgeries and 3 cystotomies at our regular vets (man even the cystotomy was only 900 bucks and it's alot more involved than this surgery so that makes me even more curious how this growth removal could cost 2100 bucks) .......and he's never had to spend the nite. Everytime he's had a surgery once he's come out of sedation/anethesia completely he is fine and back to himself all frisky and playful. Our regular vets has always just sent us home a few hours after he comes out of anethesia and we just have had to give him Rimadyl for the pain and anti-biotics. So i'm trying to get a 2nd opionion about a couple of things. First the 2100 dollar cost of this simple growth removal. I'm sorry but that is just seems like a rip off to me. I even called my regular vet and she agreed. 2nd, about the cancer clinic wanting to keep him overnite and pump him full of sedation all nite instead of being in the comfort of his own home. Milo stresses big time when he is out of his home. That just makes me feel uncomfortable esp considering Milo's great history of coming out of surgery.
Expert:  Dr. Dave replied 5 years ago.

Hello - nice to hear from you again.

At first glance, $2,100 does seem high to remove a small tumor. But, it also depends on what that all includes - is that just the anesthetic and surgery? If so, then it seems very high. If there are many other things that they are also going to do, it just depends on what those things are (i.e. bloodwork, X-rays, MRI, cancer staging, histopathology, IV fluids, antibiotics, pain medication, hospitalization, etc.) A surgery performed by a surgical specialist will also cost more than your regular veterinarian doing the surgery. So, I would find out exactly what is all included in the $2,100 price tag. On a side note -- is this a surgery your regular veterinarian could perform? If so, you may save some $$'s. If not, then you may need to have a specialist perform the surgery. As far as staying overnight, that can vary from clinic to clinic. Specialist clinics typically like to keep pets overnight after a surgery, so they can be observed and treated all night long, to keep any pain under control, and they would contact you if Milo was having any problems. This is just quite typical for a referral clinic after a surgery. It is probably the best way to do things, but most of us in daytime clinics send most surgery pets home before the end of the day, as long as there is not a strict medical reason for them to remain in the hospital (IV fluids, etc.) So, what the referral clinic is doing is not wrong, it's actually a good thing - they just want to make sure Milo is getting proper and the best care possible. Although, I do understand about him being at home, in his regular environment, especially if he's a dog that gets stressed out when being away from home - sometimes in a situation like that it can actually be best to have the pet at home, where they can remain as calm as possible. I would definitely have a frank discussion with the referral clinic (if they do the surgery) about Milo's stress when being away from home, and also about the cost of the surgery. If for some reason you are not comfortable with what they are doing, you may have the option of having your regular veterinarian perform the surgery, or you may be able to go to a different referral clinic.


I hope this helps. Have a good weekend!

Dr. Dave

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
It's just for the surgery. That was the estimate 2100 bucks i saw the detailed listings. I already paid for bloodwork on the visit along with chest xrays that ran me 500 bucks. So no the 2100bucks is jut for the surgery and the overnite stay (the overnite he absolutely doesnt need it jacks up the bill 450bucks). He's had 6 surgeries in his the removal of one of his lymphnode. 3 mole removals......3 bladder stone removals all from his regular vet and she never kept him over nite. 2 hours after he came out of anethesia they'd call we'd go get him and it was like he didnt go thru a thing that's how well he acted. Just wuld give him rimadyl for the pain and antibiotics. Plus this cancer clinic surgeon says he has to be inactive for 2 freaking weeks. Well that's unacceptable esp considering after all 3 of his blader stone surgeries he just needed 1 day off and was rearing to go back to the dog park. So thanks for you input and based on that and what i have been thinking all day i'm going to cancel the surgery scheduled for monday and the cancer clinic and i have an appt to go see my regular vet so she can take a look at it then we'll probably have it removed either wednesday or friday (those are her surgery days). 2100 bucks vs 650 bucks. It's ridiculous just b/c this guy claims to be a a specialist. Well my regular vet has one of the best reputations in ft lauderdale for her surgerical skills but she doesnt rip me off!!
Expert:  Dr. Dave replied 5 years ago.

I certainly understand your concerns. I think it's valid that if your regular veterinarian does this type of surgery, that you would have them do it, especially if a specialist does not NEED to do it. That is a significant cost difference.

I hope everything goes well. Keep me updated.


Dr. Dave