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my dog broke his nail and had it removed down the the quick.

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my dog broke his nail and had it removed down the the quick. The whole time he had been walkign fine. I bandaged it up extra well yesterday b/c he kept chewing it off. I think I made it to tight - took it off this morning and now he will not put any weight on the back paw. There is no swelling or anything though. What should I do?

Hello and welcome to Just Answer. I am a licensed veterinarian and would be happy to answer your questions.


Is there exposed quick?


Is there good circulation to the paw (is it pink and warm?)

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Yes the quick is exposed - it's red. The vet removed the broken nail on Wednesday. He is a black lab - so his paw is black. But it is warm. There is no swelling. Also have him on anti-biotics. The thing troubling me is that he was putting weight before - but stopped after I had the tight bandage on there.

It may be that it was too tight, but in most cases, even after the bandage is removed, it is that painful that they won't use it, it would likely be swollen. If it is due to that, it should improve with time and he should start to use it soon, maybe only a little at a time.


I suspect the reason for the disuse may be the exposed quick. These are VERY painful and it may be that it felt better to have it covered and now that the cover is off, it is more sensitive. You could try to apply to light wrap back on it and see it that helps. I would contact your vet when they are available to see if they will prescribe something for pain. Until the new nail grows over the quick, it will continue to be sensitive.


Good luck with him and please let me know if you have any further questions..

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

So I don't need to worry that I did something terrible with the wrap? Just want to make sure I get him back to the vet ASAP if there could be any chance of damage from the bandage being too tight. If just the quick - then totally agree w/ your assement above.


I have remadryl - should I give him one of those to help with the pain?

The most common cause of damage from a wrap being too tight is loss of circulation to the leg that occurs from the pressure or swelling secondary to the changes in circulation. If there is now swelling and it seems, as you describe that the circulation is normal, I don't think that the wrap is to blame for the disuse today. If it continues and you are worried, I would have it checked out.


On way to make sure would be to see if re-wrapping it (lightly) makes it better. If so, you will then know it is a painful quick.


Has the Rimadyl been prescribed for him for this problem? Or have you been told it is ok to use as needed for him?

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