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Dr. Debbie
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australian shepherd: was sedated for hip x-rays..pacing..whimpering

Customer Question

My australian shepard was sedated for hip x-rays and it's been about three hours and he is still panting heavily, pacing, and whimpering. Is this normal?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Dr. Debbie replied 5 years ago.

It depends on what sedation was used. If it was the reversible kind of sedation (the kind where he gets a shot for the x-rays and then a shot to wake him up) this is normal. Especially since they most likely had to manipulate his body while he was sedated into an uncomfortable position to get the films. After he is awake he may be uncomfortable from the positions he was in while asleep.


If they didn't give him anything for pain, I can give you a dose of aspirin if you know his weight. Often it takes 8 hours or more for all of the effects of sedation or anesthesia to wear off.


Dr. Debbie

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Expert:  Dr. Debbie replied 5 years ago.
Just in case you need a dose of plain aspirin to give at some point, an australian shepherd sized dog could take one 375 mg adult aspirin every 8 hours if he isn't taking other medications for pain. If he is, just stick with those. I hope he is feeling better soon.