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My dog had blood in her stool today. She defecated twice --

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My dog had blood in her stool today. She defecated twice -- the first was relatively normal, with just a little red on the last piece. She often defecates twice on a walk and when she defecated again, there was more red, and several drops (10?) of blood were came out of her rectum. The blood was a medium red, not too deep in color.

Last night she had diarrhea twice in the evening, approximately the consistency of a milkshake.

She has been active, drinking, and eating (eating right now). She is not in distress. As a side note, we only feed her dog food and we're not aware of her eating anything that would cause an obstruction.

I spoke to the vet and she has an appointment to go in at 10:15a tomorrow (Wednesday). This seems like a long time -- but I recognize that she's not in distress.

What do you think this could be?




What breed is she?

Have you noticed any difficulty defecating in the last week or so?

She hasn't been doing any vomiting?


Is she acting normal otherwise (eating, drinking, acting happy and not lethargic)?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
She is a terrier mix (a rescue), something between a maltese, yorkie, and poodle. Approximately 10lbs.

She has had relatively normal bowel movements in the last week. She usually poops twice a day. Sometimes she has difficulty defacating, in that she either defecates twice per walk OR it takes her some time to squat. But that's been an issue for her for as long as we've had her (about a year).

Over the weekend her bowel movements were a little less frequent -- maybe a small one once a day. Then last night she had diarrhea.

Through all of this, she has been acting normal. Eats, drinks, playful. Even now on her walk where I saw the blood, she had an uptempo 1/2mile walk home. Normal dog except for this recent event.

Thanks for answering my questions.


First of all, you get a gold star for being so observant of your dog! So many owners (myself included), let the dog out into the yard and I couldn't honestly tell you the last time my dog defecated because I assume he does it out in the yard. So kudos to you for being a much better pet owner than most.


Dogs may have a little bleeding or discharge from the rectum for a couple reasons: damage done to the rectum while defecating, certain types of cancer, impacted/infected anal glands, parasite infection and polyps are just a few.


If there is only a small amount of drainage around the area, I would just keep an eye on it for now. Sometimes dogs will try to pass a large amount of fecal material and can cause small tears in their rectum. These generally will heal on their own without any sort of medical intervention. Feeding the dog some canned pumpkin (make sure that it's only real canned pumpkin, not the pie filling) can help make the stool a little easier to pass, thereby helping to not tear things any further.


Parasites such as worms and protozoan infections such as coccidia and giardia can produce blood in the stool and blood from the rectum after bowel movements. You can read about these here:


A problem with the anal glands can also cause a bit of bleeding. You can find more information on those here: .


You can read about rectal polyps here:


Whatever the cause, rectal discharge is never normal and I think it's a VERY good idea that your dog is going to be seen by her vet tomorrow. I strongly suspect that it's just a small tear from the history of less frequent bowel movements over the weekend (meaning she may have been a little constipated) and then having diarrhea that followed it, but it's good to have her looked at just to be on the safe side.


I hope this helps.

I hope this helps!

Lisa and other Dog Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thanks for your thorough response.

My guess is that the diarrhea and other recent bowel movements caused tears. Her morning bowel movements was rather large and perhaps in combination with the diarrhea caused the tearing.

She recently had her anal glands expressed, however, I realize that just be a coincidence.

We'll take her to the vet tomorrow and monitor her in the meantime. I guess the good news is that she's a happy puppy right now.