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My dog began squinting with both eyes yesterday. Her eyes

Resolved Question:

My dog began squinting with both eyes yesterday. Her eyes became droopy and you could see her third eyelid. Also her eyes appeared sunken. They were also VERY red. Her gums and skin turned very red as well, and her temperature was slightly above normal. This happened after she was outside for a few minutes.

We went straight to my vet and she was given benadryl and cortisone shots. She then became very normal. Later that night, we gave her more benadryl (vet's orders) as her symptoms seemed to be returning.

Today she seemed normal and we went to our training class. After, we went for a walk (very sunny out) and after a few minutes- she began squinting. Once we got home, (by then she was normal) I let her out and when she came in a few minutes later, the squinting sunken eyes were back- but this time no redness with her gums or skin. Just her eyes were red. I gave her another benadryl and called my vet.

The squinting subsided and she took a nap. The squinting came back again this evening in my kitchen once we turned the lights on. It's too soon to give her more benadryl and my vet gave me prednisone in case the benadryl did not work. I was trying to wait as much as possible to give it to her because I know it can be difficult for some dogs to tolerate and she may need to be weened off of it.

She has been eating and drinking just fine but is quite lethargic presently, and doesn't want my male dog too close. Usually, they cuddle all day long.

My vet is unsure of what is going on. We thought maybe an allergic reaction because she has had many in the past, but it usually only results in hives and is resolved with benadryl.

What could this possibly be??
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Candy replied 5 years ago.

I am sorry your girl is having trouble.


The sensitivity to light can be due to various reasons and allergy flair ups can be one of them. This is not a typical allergic reaction which adds to your vets confusion I am sure.


With the Benadryl and steroids working and the problem coming and going then allergies would be the most likely cause however without some additional tests it would be impossible to say for sure what is going on.

Other possible causes would be Infection, Elevated blood pressure, ulcers just to name a few.

Here is a list of more possible causes of light sensitivity


Horners syndrome is also possible but this does not normally come and go.



Because this keeps happening it may be best to have her seen by a eye specialist. I would have her re examined by your vet tomorrow if this is still a problem.


As for the prednisone this may help much more then the Benadryl and as long as they are not on it more then a few days we normally do not have to wean them off.


If you have sterile saline used to clean contact lenses you can flush the eyes and see if this helps.


I hope all goes well and they find the cause soon.Please reply back if you have additional questions or concerns



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