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Jane Lefler
Jane Lefler, Breeder,Behaviorist, formerVet Asst
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Old English Mastiff dragging back legs

Resolved Question:

I have an Old English Mastiff 6 year old male 225+lb. Yesterday he Vomited a couple of times, not walking around much. He will eat. Today he will not walk and there are marks on the ground where he was dragging his back legs, we will not be able to get him to Vet until tomorrow, any suggestions for today.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Jane Lefler replied 6 years ago.

Hi Sir or Madam,

My name is XXXXX XXXXX I've been with Just Answer since 2006. It will be my pleasure to work with you.


Please do not give him Motrin. Motrin is ibuprofen and can be toxic to dogs. You can read about this here:


Ibuprofen can lead to ulcers, vomiting and even kidney failure. You will want to look for loss of appetite, vomiting, black stools, abdominal pain, dehydration, weakness and lethargy.


Dog's can vomit for a number of different reasons. They vomit if given an unusual (to them) treat, a change of diet can do it, if they eat too much, some vomit if they eat grass, they vomit if they don't eat sometimes, vomit if they have a throat irritation, disease can be a cause, poisoned, and various other causes. Organ failure can also lead to vomiting as well and rear leg weakness. Rear leg weakness can be from a large number of causes including a disc issue, An intervertebral disc that has slipped or ruptured up into the spinal canal causes inflammation of the spinal cord, which in severe cases causes paralyses of the rear legs. You can read about this here:


Large dog breeds sometimes suffer from a condition called degenerative myelopathy which can also cause problems with the rear legs and paralyses. You can read about this here:


Depending on the dose of Motrin given, it may be causing additional symptoms which makes it hard to determine what might be the problem. . You can give some pepcid to help with any stomach upset that might occur. Read about Pepcid dosages and usage information here:


I would make sure he has plenty of water to drink, but have to recommend you seek vet care sooner rather than waiting.





Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Thanks for the Info,

There has been no Vomiting or Diarrea today.

Is there something we can do for his back legs today until we see the Vet tomorrow.

Expert:  Jane Lefler replied 6 years ago.



The only thing I could have recommended would have been aspirin, but since Ibuprofen was given which can cause ulcer, I can not recommend aspirin as pain relief since it can also lead to ulcers and also has anti-coagulant properties. I would keep him as imobile as possible crating if necessary. I do know that he is probably not moving around too much, but it would be best to keep him contained except for bathroom breaks. You can use a large bath towel slipped under his abdomen to help lift him and support him when he needs to move. At 225 pounds, it is going to be quite a chore. You may want to consider a mobile vet as well. You can probably fine one on the following page.


Your vet will likely run bloodwork and do x-rays to start with. He may prescribe prednisone and an anti-inflammatory medication such as deramaxx.


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