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Candy, Veterinary Technician
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Experience:  Practicing Veterinary Technician for 26 years.Former Veterinary Practice Owner, Technician Trainer
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hello, my yorkie is a VERY picky eater to the point where

Customer Question


my yorkie is a VERY picky eater to the point where one day she'll love her food, and then the next she wont touch it.. she'll go up to it, smell it and back away from it. Would it be a smart idea to feed her raw meats? If so, what kinds? Also, i read online about feeding yorkies eggs, and cottage cheese.. I hate when she acts like this, not only is it tidious to feed her, but i worry about her missing her meals... let me know!!

Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Candy replied 6 years ago.


One problem could be that you are offering the different foods. When ever we do a diet change it should be done slowly over a period of 7-10 days to prevent stomach upset.

If you keep offering different food this can cause stomach upset and make him unwilling to eat.


One food we have found that picky dogs respond to very well Is Merrick foods.

Here is this food.


I would suggest picking one brand of food and sticking with it and see if this works.If he is hungry he will eat. I would also suggest stopping the table food or he will hold out for the table food.


I hope all goes well, please reply back if you have additional questions or concerns



Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thanks so much!!! We very rarely give her human food at all, but when she wont eat i try to give her some cold cuts.. bc its meat, and at least shes getting something in her system. I only gave her some egg today for the first time hoping she would eat, and she did! Except for her 3rd feeding, she didnt want to eat the left overs from her lunch. I live in Canada, and I havent seen that brand here at all, but im def. going to check for it. S, do you think feeding her raw meet would be a bad idea then? Iv read mixed opinions about the topic, but im just not sure.. I dont want to make her sick (even tho she seems so have a pretty strong stomach.. Iv never expereinced her to have a stomach ach as of yet) or even cause anything worse... im just trying to be a good mom! lol let me know :)

Expert:  Candy replied 6 years ago.

You are being a great mom.


Raw diets do have varying opinions. Most of us in the veterinary field shy away from the raw diet because of the detailed care required and the risks of bacterial infection both to owners and the dog.


Merrick is available in Canada at least online


If you want to use human food mixed with the dog food use boiled chicken or green beans. Stay away from ham this can lead to pancreas.


Please let me know if you find this food and how she does with it. This food actually looks like human foods so I am sure she will love it

Candy and other Dog Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I think i found a place in my city that might have it, im going to give them a call tomorrow morning, and if they do im going to go pick it up. Is it healthy tho? I know foods like ceaser food is junk... I want to make sure i feed her the best, XXXXX XXXXX she also sticks with it..
Expert:  Candy replied 6 years ago.

Good hopefully they will have it


Yes this is a high quality food I would never recommend giving a dog junk food

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
thank you so much!! I will def. msg you tomorrow and let you know how it goes! Thanks SO much!!

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