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My dog, Lily, is in heat and is whining & crying. This morning

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My dog, Lily, is in heat and is whining & crying. This morning when I took her out to poop she was whining while she was pooping. She has been really anxious lately. I wonder if the whining & crying is normal behavior while in heat? Or I wonder if she may have an infection of some sort due to being in heat that has caused her pain in that area? When I left her this morning before she would get in her create she kept trying to jump up on me and when she was in her create she seemed uncomfortable.

I would love to help I just have a few additional questions. After your reply please allow a few minutes for me to type your answer.


Are you sure she is in heat?


Do her stools look normal?


Is she licking or bitting at her back legs or rectal area?


Have you seen any signs of her dragging her bottom on the floor?


Any increase in the frequency of her urination?


Is she eating and drinking normally?


What breed is she?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
1. Her vulva is swollen and she is has light amt of blood. Her first heat was Nov. 2010.
2. Stools look normal, and do not feel extremely hard. (We have to pick up after our pets)
3. She is licking her vulva I assume to keep it clean, but not biting at back legs of rectal area.
4. No dragging of her bottom on the floor
5. She has been needing to go out to pee more. Once every hour when she would normally be good for a couple hours.
6. She is eating normal and has been drinking plenty of water.
7. She is a Brittney Spaniel.

Thank you for the additional information.


It is not uncommon to see them act oddly when in heat however from the behavior you have described I suspect she may also have a urinary tract infection. This is very common in young female and can cause pain when urinating.


While infection is the most common cause bladder stones or crystals in the urine can also cause this problem.


I would suggest having her seen by your vet as soon as possible for a urinalysis to look for infection or crystals in the urine. In a dog this age bladder stones would be uncommon but not impossible.


I hope all goes well, please reply back if you have additional questions or concerns


Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Is a urinalysis for pet done with catheters? And is this a expensive test?

No it is not done with a catheter. Your vet will have someone walk her outside and catch a sample of her urine so they can look at it under a microscope. This is not expensive and depending on whether medication is needed and what type many antibiotic can be gotten at the human pharmacy for 4 dollars if your vet writes a script.


Both Banfield and VCA Animal hospitals offer a free first visit so you would only have to pay for the test and medication and not an office visit if this helps.

Here are coupons for both


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