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My dog just had surgery to remove struvite stones. My vet

Resolved Question:

My dog just had surgery to remove struvite stones. My vet placed her on hills c/d. I have read so many different articles with different information I don't know which way to go in preventing these stones from coming back. Some say I should not feed her this prescription diet that it makes them fat and lose their hair from lack of nutrition. I have read that I should put apple cider vinegar in her water and give her cranberry juice if she will drink it. My vet claims this won't help. I have also read that it doesn't matter what kind of food I give her that the key is to keep her from getting bladder infections. In that case how do I keep the bladder infection from coming back. In reading this I am sure you can see my confusion. I just won't some solid advice and want to do what's best for my pet.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Lisa replied 6 years ago.

Hi Jacustomer-9mk7ba88~



How long has she been on the c/d?

What breed is she?



Customer: replied 6 years ago.
She is a cavishon and has been eating the food since may 27th
Expert:  Lisa replied 6 years ago.

Thanks for answering my questions.


As the owner of a dog who had stones and is now on c/d myself, I can understand the frustration and confusion created when you're reading the stuff on the internet.


I know there's a lot of information out there, but my personal experience is that c/d is that it's a great dog food who has kept my dog from having a resurgence of stones in the 3 years he's been on it. Before going on c/d, he had 3 instances of stones..since then, not one.


If this were my dog, I would stick with the c/d, and skip the vinegar and cranberry. Although it's not going to do any harm, it's probably not going to do any good either.


I do understand that she's reluctant to eat it, but the biggest thing to remember is to be patient. Keep in mind that the dog has sort of gotten used to eating probably a better tasting food when it comes to her meals, and she may just take a little while to adjust to eating the c/d kibble. I promise though..she won't starve himself to death...dogs just aren't wired to starve themselves. She'll eat when she gets hungry enough (although it may take a few days)...I promise.


I hope this helps!!


Customer: replied 6 years ago.
So I can keep her on this dog for a long period of time? and what's the difference between hills s/d and hills c/d. My vet also said I can't give her any treats just the dog food is this true?
Expert:  Lisa replied 6 years ago.

Yes, she can be on this long term. that's what this food is for.

The difference is that s/d breaks the stones up, so it's a different make-up than the c/d is. it's not made to be fed long term.


I know that they say no treats...but I don't think that 1 small treat on occasion is a bad thing. My little dog gets a small treat a couple times a week and we haven't had any problems with stones.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Do you recommend putting her on a home cooked diet over the dog food? I know you have said the food works good for you but the first three ingredients in the c/d are corn and pork fat which I have read aren't very nutritious for my pet. Also how often should I take her back into the vet to get her checked for infections?
Expert:  Lisa replied 6 years ago.
You would have to talk to your vet about a home diet. I understand that the first ingredients aren't ideal on the c/d, but when you have a dog with stones, you don't really want a super high protein food. I get my boy rechecked once a year...urinalysis and blood work, unless there's a problem, then I have him checked sooner.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
One more quick question. How does this dog food work in preventing the stones? If these stones are caused by infection how does it prevent my dog from getting further infections. I am just having a hard time understanding if these stones are caused by diet or infection I have heard both.
Expert:  Lisa replied 6 years ago.

As a general rule, these stones are caused by small mineral particles that form crystals in the bladder. As the crystals bond together, they can form a stone that can be as big as 3-4 inches!!

Although infection can play a part in stones, it's generallly due to the minerals in the diet that causes them.


You can read some really good (really accurate) information on stones here:

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
The two we had removed from our dog were that big about the size of a penny. I really appreciate your help I am just going to stick with the dog food I guess. I am still just as confused as ever I just read an article about how these stones are caused by infection. The guy who wrote it was a vet also and it was on a veterinary website. Hopefully it works out my vet seems pretty worried she formed these large stones so quickly she is still under a two years old. We found 27 small stones in a puddle of her urine right before she got the surgery. Our vet said it was the first time anyone had ever brought her in the stones.
Expert:  Lisa replied 6 years ago.
My biggest piece of advice...stop reading stuff on the internet about it. A little bit of information is a dangerous thing.
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