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I have recently put in new sod in my backyard and my dogs

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I have recently put in new sod in my backyard and my dog's urine creates yellow spots. 2 Qs: 1)
what can I use to neutralize the nasty chemical reaction without destroying the sod completely, and 2) what can I use to put on the sod to discourage her from urinating on the new sod without disrupting the otherwise good progress of the new sod? oh oh 3) what can i use to encourage her to urinate in another area of my backyard that I have sort of set aside for that purpose? Hopefully there are positive answers to these Qs and they are easy home remedies. I have not yet presented this problem to the Home Depot people for fear of hearing that the only solution is brand x which costs $100 a qt. thank you, DICK.

Hi Jaguest-966342456~

It's good to know that using vulgar language for yard issues works as well as when I use it for truck problems!!


The best thing to do is to water down the grass regularly after the dog has urinated. Also seeding with a urine resistant grass such as fescue will also help keep the yellowing down. You could also try putting gardening lime down in the area can also help and cuts down on any smell as well. There are other things you can do to help your lawn survive dogs.


Several of the clients at the clinic where I work swear by this product:

Here is a site that discusses this issue.


As for encouraging her to urinate in specific spots, there are some products that some people swear by. My personal favorite is this one: . The pheromones in it attract the dog to certain areas of the yard, where they learn to use only that spot for their bathrooms.

I hope this helps.

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