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My dog has some sores on her tail that she keeps biting or

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My dog has some sores on her tail that she keeps biting or scratching.. Or else she has bitten/scratched until she has sores. She gave her a bath to see if that would help, but except for being cleaner it hasn't helped. what would be the next step?

Hello and welcome to Just Answer.


what breed of dog is this?

Can you tell me please is she on a monthly flea medication or do you know if she has had any fleas in the past months before this started?


How long has she been doing this?


Has she been around other dogs?


Do you have an Elizabethan collar for her?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Juno is a 2 1/2 year old mixed breed - we really don't know because we got her as a rescue puppy at 7 weeks. She looks like a pot belly pig (sorry, I am a cat person). She is knee high with the yellow labrador color, and a big barrel chest. Supposedly she is part boxer, but she doesn't drool. She has coarse hair that sheds alot...

We live in on the Mississippi coast in a woody/swampy area that is sand based, so there are always fleas. No, I don't think she has been treated lately. She is only around one other dog, her sister, because we have them both. She is also around two cats. I havent' seen much in the way of fleas on any of the others, but wouldn't be surprised just because of where we live. I know Jade (the sister) has been dragging her butt on the ground/bed whatever lately but haven't seen anything.

I don't have any collers on any of the animals. They keep eating them off. And truthfully, when I was a kid my cat hung herself on a collar so I don't use them. But the dogs kept eating them so I stopped buying them anyway. What's an Elizabethan collar?

Thank you for that information and the chuckle as it regards XXXXX XXXXX pot bellied pig:)

Before I get to Juno, let me address Jade dragging her butt along the ground. This may be due to full anal sacs and you might want to have your vet take a look at them.


As it pertains to Juno, it sounds like a flea allergy and a dog does not have to be flea ridden to have a problem. It takes only one flea bite because the dog is allergic to the saliva of the flea.This can start a whole host of skin problems.

Flea collars don't do anything really for this problem or for fleas for that matter, your best bet is to put the dog on K9 advantix which repels fleas, ticks, and mosquito's. It is a monthly treatment to keep fleas off the dog. Now from all the chewing I fear she may also have a bacterial infection that may need antibiotics from your vet. What you can try is put an Elizabethan collar ,(sold in pet stores), on her so she cannot reach the area and do more damage. Measure her neck so you know what size to get. Then throughout the day wash the area with an antibacterial soap, dry well, and apply a triple antibiotic ointment (from a drug store) on the wounds. make sure there is no hair surrounding the wounds so this may mean a bit of a shave around those areas. Do not use an ointment that contains zinc oxide because this can be toxic if licked.

If you don't start to see an improvement in a few days then you may have to get her in for oral antibiotics.


Here is more on flea allergies.

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