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I put some neosporin on a hot spot on my dog. A little while

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I put some neosporin on a hot spot on my dog. A little while later(not sure if the neosporin is connected) she came upstaris and her mouth was doing something weird. It was like she was trying to get something out of the back of her mouth. When I touched her face I could feel her jaw muscule kind of spasming when she would so it. She sontinued to do it off and on for an time when by it got less and less. This morning when I woke up she did it once or twice and that was it. Not sure what it can be.....

Welcome to Just Answer. Has she been eating and drinking normally since this started up? Any weakness or collapse?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
No she has been great, ate fine this morning, is energetic and seems just fine. She even seemed fine when it was happening. She just seemed annoyed
Ok. The behavior that you're seeing could be due to something being stuck in the teeth in the back of the mouth. She could have a tooth that is loose or uncomfortable causing the same actions. The one thing that also has to be on the list is a focal seizure event. The best thing to do would be to have your vet exam her and do a very thorough oral exam looking for any issues there. I would try to video what she's doing so you can show this to your vet as that will help to narrow things down too.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
If this is a focal seizure event it there anything I should be doing if it happens again? Is there some furthur damage that could be happening during this event? I just want to make sure I am prepared if it happens again and it is a seizure. Also do these present at this age or could it be enviornmental? Thanks!
If this is a focal seizure, there really isn't anything you can do at home to get her out of it. Just keep her in a quite, very non-stimulating area and make sure she can't do anything to hurt herself. If this is what is going on, then she should be highly considered for starting up anti-seizure medication that your vet can prescribe. Young dogs like her can have epilepsy that can look similar to this with a focal facial twitch seizure.
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