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Our chocolate labrador has always had a bit of a problem with

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Our chocolate labrador has always had a bit of a problem with a tear duct. Has been checked out with the vets in the past & we manage it by just keeping it clean. In the last few days we have noticed that a flat, circular, white patch has appeared by the tear duct on one eye. Any idea what this could be?

HI there and thanks for your question.


Is the white patch on the surface of the cornea (on the eyeball) itself?


How big is it?


Is it the same eye that had the tear duct problems? If so, is there any increased discharge than normal on this side?


Is the eye red or does it appear sore?


Is it a well defined, very white patch or a cloudy area?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Hi there,


No not on the eye ball, it's just below the tear duct.


Yes, on the same eye that tends to have tear duct problems.


No more than normal discharge & no sign of redness of soreness.


I hope this helps.



Thanks for the extra information,


It's not clear exactly what this is but I'm certainly less concerned than if it had been on the eyeball itself - these things can be corneal damage and can be pretty serious. It's also good news that the eye doesn't appear to be abnormal otherwise.


If the white area is basically on a skin area of the eye or on the conjunctiva it could be a small plaque where the skin has got infected due the dampness from the tear duct leaking. Labradors can also develop benign pale masses around the eyelids etc - like small cysts or pale warts which tend to be non-harmful, but can be removed if they are causing problems.


It is very difficult to tell without examining the eye exactly what is going on, so I would have it checked by your vet - although I don't think it's a matter of urgency. Certainly is the eye becomes sore then it becomes more urgent. In the meantime keep the eye as dry as you can and watch for it increasing in size or bothering the dog.


I'm sorry I can;t be more specific, but I hope to have put your mind at rest that this probably isn't urgent - I would get it checked when you are able to though.



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