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My 4 month old puppy has formed to loose stools every time

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My 4 month old puppy has formed to loose stools every time he goes. We haven't changed his diet, he recently finished a course of deworming and was cleared. Tonight, he's very tired, and refused his dinner. He is still peeing, but I'm keeping an eye on his water intake that seems to be less than normal. What could be wrong? He is fully vaccinated.

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I am sorry your little one is not feeling well.


Has he had any new foods, new treats or human foods?


When was the deworming done? What product was used?


Was a fecal done by the vet , if so was it done at the vets or sent to a lab?


What time did he last eat?


What breed is he?


Any vomiting?



Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thanks for checking back. (I started to reply to this the day you responded, but have been super busy. He is actually doing way better. He ate every meal the next day, and every day since, plus, his stool is less loose. Here is the other info just in case this happens again, but things are better)
He has always had the same treats. A few in particular he likes, one is a chicken breast strip, a freeze dried beef patty, and some Blue Buffalo chicken bites. None are terribly new though.
The third round of deworming was done on December 13, and fecal was checked at the vets office on the 23rd. He last ate yesterday at 1200 pm. An normally eats three times a day, that's his normal routine.
He's an English Springer Spaniel, and had only one bought of vomit in the 26th after a long walk.
And before I wrote you, hadn't eaten for 10 hours. Since it was the middle if the night, and we held his dinner. He normally eats 7am, 12pm, and 6pm.
I'm not sure what medicine they used for deworming. (Being a nurse, I feel bad not knowing, since I always scold patients for not knowing).

Thank you again for answering our question

No problem I am glad to here he is doing better.


If the problem is resolving it may just have been a simply digestive upset. This can happen from new foods, little bites of human foods or eating something you are unaware of.


This can also be due to parasites such as giardia or coccidia.

These can be missed very easily when a fecal is done at the vets. If the diarrhea or not eating return I would ask the vet to send a sample out to the lab.


Some owners find pepcid ac helpful for nausea

Here is a link to the use of this medication


To help with diarrhea adding fiber to the diet works great. This is useful for both diarrhea and constipation.

Here is a link to the use of Metamucil in dogs


I hope he continues to do well, Happy New Year



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