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Lisa, Certified Vet Tech
Category: Dog
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Experience:  AAS Vet Tech. Bully breed rehab & Behavior modification
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My dog ate a half a buckeye what do I do

Customer Question

My dog ate a half a buckeye what do I do?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Lisa replied 6 years ago.

Hi Jacustomer-b40yt33s~


Are you referring to the Buckeye nut from a tree?


How long ago did this happen?

How much does your dog weigh?

Do you have any hydrogen peroxide in the house?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.'s a nut

It's been about 45mins

she's 9mths and weighs maybe 7lbs?

yes I have hydrogen peroxide
Expert:  Lisa replied 6 years ago.

Thanks for answering my questions.


As I'm sure you know, the Buckeye (Aesculus spp.) is a member of the Hippocastanaceae family, and contains a toxic component to dogs known as aesculin. When ingested, buckeye can potentially produce significant GI irritation, dilated pupils and severe central nervous system depression, possibly leading to coma. In some cases, however, the opposite-central nervous system excitement-is seen.


Of course, that's with a larger amount consumed than your little dog ingested. If it had been less time since she ate it, I'd suggest giving her the peroxide in an attempt to get her to vomit, but since it's been almost an hour, it's a bit too late for that.


I think she'll probably be just fine. Just keep an eye out for any unusual symptoms and if you see anything that triggers a concern, then have her seen by a vet as soon as possible...however, I doubt you're going to see anything. Try to discourage her from eating any more though...she got lucky this time, but eating them regularly can cause the toxin to build up in her system and could cause a problem.


I hope this helps!!

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
She threw-up a little already but do you think I should still give her the peroxide???? It might have been a little over a half of the buckeye...How much does she have to eat for that bad stuff to happen? I just got her and I don't want anything to happen to her?
Expert:  Lisa replied 6 years ago.

You're probably safe not giving the peroxide since she has already vomited on her own.


For something bad to happen, I would suspect that she'd have to eat a couple of the nuts. I don't think anything bad is going to happen to your girl.