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My dog was diagnosed with hemolytic anemia. She is a pug who

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My dog was diagnosed with hemolytic anemia. She is a pug who also has diabetes. He blood value/count originally was at 11%. My vet told me to get her a blood transfusion. When I took her in her stomach was bloated, filled with fluid. The vet said she didn't need the transfusion because in 4 days, her red blood cell went up to 16%. She is now worried about heart problems. She is not hopeful about her prognosis because of the diabetes and anemia. If I test her for heart problems and then treat her, does she stand a chance to survive? My vet is saying I might want to consider euthanasia?


Very complicated question as I cannot vouch for anything your vet is doing, doses, the specifics of the complete blood count, to name a few.


My answer is based solely upon a dog with diabetes and anemia.


Now, if there is no heart murmur, I have no idea why your vet is suddenly worried about heart problems. This makes no sense, unless they took chest x-rays already and saw a enlarged heart, heard a murmur, or heard a arrhythmia.


Now, prednisone is not the best thing to be giving a pet with diabetes, however, it can be done. If the diabetes is well regulated, than put all of your focus into treating the anemia. Therefore, the prednisone is the key to saving her life.


Consider euthanasia? Why. The anemia is beginning to improve, you didn't have to do a transfusion. Now, your vet isn't explaining everything. Stomach full of fluid. This is called ascites.

Perhaps your vet is blaming heart disease (right-sided) for fluid buildup in the belly.

It sounds to me this case is beyond your vet's experience level. Ascites can be caused by a lot of concurrent problems including low protein levels in the blood.


I think her prognosis could actually be quite fair in the right vets hands, assuming someone can properly diagnosis and treat why the fluid is in the belly.


If I were an internal medicine specialist ASAP and have them review everything. Or, request an immediate referral from your vet.



Find Various Specialists

--> Under "specialty" select SAIM = Small Animal Internal Medicine

--> Or, you can search for a Neurologist, Cardiologist or Oncologist



Good Luck

Dr. Andy

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
The vet at the animal emergency had me so confused, I didn't know what to do. At first she thought it was cancer. She did ultrasound and found no tumors. She then said it could be the right heart?? She did say she heard a murmur. Later she said she had ketosis. She just didn't know how to advise me. She said with so much going on, she didn't give a good prognosis and said euthanasia should be considered. I was going to take her to an internal specialist, but I didn't want to throw good money after bad. I just spent $5,000 on my other pug and he died after surgery when he aspirated his own vomit. To be competely honest, I believe the anemia presented after giving her Comfortis. She got very sick after that. If you believe there is hope I will get her to an internal specialist.

You need to get to an internist!

At least let them evaluate your pet and review everything that has been done. They will clarify all the questions and "stuff" that has been said by the other vet.

The ER vet may have been rushing, not personable, and just not devoted to talking in the laymans terms necessary to understand what is going on.

It's worth the consult!


I have not heard,personally, of any documented cases of anemica caused by Comfortis. Just so you know.


Hope that info helps.

Dr. Andy

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