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Very unsteady on her feet, no appetite, lethargic, went out

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Very unsteady on her feet, no appetite, lethargic, went out ton potty last night to potty & seemed to be moving very slow...this morning she was EXTREMELY slow getting outside & could not get her to get out to potty throughout the day: finally got her outside again this evening but she stopped every few feet & sat down, once outside she ate a lot of grass & had to be carried back inside (very out of the norm for her to LET me pick her up and carry her, she normally hates it) panting heavily, nose feels OK, not drinking much....also my Sister lives on the same property and her two dogs seemed to be sick over the past week...lethargic mainly, no appetite, walking funny (as though an ear infection had them off balance) Could this be a virus that has been passed from animal to animal...I also have two parrots and a cat...need to know if this is something that needs to be treated at the vet or if I am a bit panic-y for no reason...a few family members have been under the weather about the same time.



I think from the symptoms you describe I would be very concerned. First, it is unlikely that she would "catch" anything from a human or other species like bird or cat. Second, even if she did manage to pick up a viral infection of some sort from one of your sister's dogs, these kind of symptoms are not typical.


Your description makes me suspicious that she is painful. I would be most worried about either abdominal pain or hip/spinal pain from the way you describe her reluctance to move. The panting and the decreased appetite may go along with it as well. I definitely think this is something that you should have her at least examined for. If it is truly just a viral infection, she needs supportive care, but if it is something more serious, then they can better decide what needs to be done.


If her gums are pale or tacky (not moist), I would seek emergency services, otherwise I would make sure to get her into your vet as soon as you can. I would not offer any medications at this point as it may limit what your vet will be able to offer her to help. I hope this helps and please let me know if you have any further questions.

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