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Doctor Jeff
Doctor Jeff, Dog Veterinarian
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What causes warts on my yorkie She has runny eyes sometimes,

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What causes warts on my yorkie? She has runny eyes sometimes, licks her paws raw, has a sore on her belly. Why? What can I do to stop any of this?

Welcome to Just Answer

I just want to clarify.

You are asking about her warts, but are you seeing other lesions as well?

What do they look like?

When did the paw licking start?

Any other history is helpful.

I hope I can help.


Dr. Jeff

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Yes she has a sore on her belly. It is crusty & red.

One wart on her side seems to have turned into a sore (from scratching).

My dog never use to scratch. Now she scratches all the time except when she is sleeping.

The paw licking is why I went to the vet. This started about the first of the summer I think. Around May/June 2010.

Tina had a wart removed from her ear last year because it seemed to be growing. My vet did not seem concerned & removed it until sedation.

She goes to work with me each day & always has. She rarely is left alone.

She eats Cesar dog food. 1/2 in the morning & 1/2 at supper time. I give her Performatin diet dry dog food during the day.

I hope you can give me some direction on this. Thank you.

First, the paw licking and itching could very well be related to an allergy. (I am assuming you are using a good flea product like Frontline) This is a common sign this time of year as the hay and grass allergies dominate. It may respond to Benedryl (diphenhydramine) at a dose of 1 mg/lb twice daily. This could also help with the lesion on the belly which could also be secondary to the allergy. You could see a response to a thin layer of Cortaid twice daily. This may take away some of the irritation in this area. Certainly, if these things are not helping, it may be worth a recheck with your vet to look in to more aggressive treatment which may include different antihistamines, steroids, or cyclosporine.

As for the wart issue, these can arise for two reasons. First, there can be a viral root, these are typically around the mouth and tend to occur in younger animals. The growths you are seeing are probably papillomas but not viral in nature and do increase in frequency in age (especially in yorkies, poodles, bichons, etc). To verify the diagnosis, I would discuss a fine needle aspirate of one of the lumps. This is noninvasive and involve pulling some cells into the hub of a needle and having them expressed onto a slide for review by a pathologist. This is a nice test as it can verify that these are warts or warn of more significant lumps that may need to be surgically addressed. Now, the fact that one of these lumps has been surgically addressed, my hope is that your vet submitted this for biopsy. This will not only verify the "wart" diagnosis, but rule out more significant issues that can occur with aging dogs. I hope this helps and gives you direction.

Dr. Jeff

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