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Andrea Roberts
Andrea Roberts, Dog Veterinarian
Category: Dog
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Experience:  15 years as a companion animal veterinarian; BVMS and MRCVS.
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My yorkie ate a dead snail. A few days later he started getting

Resolved Question:

My yorkie ate a dead snail. A few days later he started getting sick in every way. The hospital diagnosed him with pancreatitis. After many days of antibiotics and IV his pancreatitis has calmed down however he still wont eat. He got a feeding tube in him last night and although seems much better he is still making me worry. The hospital does NOT feel the snail has anything to do with the pancreatitis and I am worried they havent treated the toxins still that may inside him? Am I crazy?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Andrea Roberts replied 7 years ago.

Hi there

Its great news that the pancreatitis is settling down now, and that he is getting better.

Although the snail is very unlikely the have caused the pancreatitis, snails can introduce a parasite called 'lungworm' into dogs, as they often contain the larval stage, which once inside the dog starts to develop into the adult worm, and can cause a variety of symptoms in affected dogs from respiratory signs to anemia and just general depression- i would always advise covering treatment for lungworm for any dog that has eaten slugs or snails just to be on the safe side- so although this is not likely to be related to the pancreatitis, it may be worth just mentioning this to your vet just to check that they have treated him for possible lungworm transmission from the snail (drugs such as Advocate or spot on or Milbemax wormer will treat for this).

I do hope that he continues to get better and is back at home with you shortly.

Regards Andrea

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