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Andrea Roberts
Andrea Roberts, Dog Veterinarian
Category: Dog
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Experience:  15 years as a companion animal veterinarian; BVMS and MRCVS.
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My boxer woke up yesterday with very droopy eyes, and his jaw

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My boxer woke up yesterday with very droopy eyes, and his jaw can no longer close. He is also foaming excessively from the mouth. I fed him a piece of bread this am, and he was not able to swallow it, nor chew properly. I took it away because I was worried he would choke. He didn't seem to realize it was still in his mouth. He is drinking a lot, and still willing to play, but is quieter than usual. He's an old pup, over 11 now

Hi there

It sounds to me as if he could possibly have developed 'facial paralysis' which is a little like 'Bells palsy' in people.

It occurs when inflammation within the root of the facial nerve, which is the nerve that supplies the eyelid and lips, stops the nerve from transmitting the message to the muscles- so the muscles then become flaccid and lack tone.

He almost certainly needs to get veterinary treatment for this syndrome- as he probably requires anti inflammatory drugs to treat the potential cause of the inflamed nerve (possibly antibiotics too), but i would definitely get him checked at your vets asap.

Regards Andrea

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thank you Andrea! I'm going to find an emergency clinic today, since the regular vet offices are closed for the holiday. Considering the age of my dog, (11 +) is this something than can be fixed? Or will I just be prolonging suffering for him?

I didn't realise you had a public holiday today!

It potentially could be fixed depending on the cause of the inflammation- if the cause is simply infection or inflammation, then yes he may respond well to medication- sometimes the underlying cause is a tumor(less common than infection) in which case the outlook wouldn't be good.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thanks again! I will try to update you on his status! Your help has been appreciated
I am glad to have been of help- i do hope he is ok. Andrea
Andrea Roberts and other Dog Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Hello Andrea, I want to thank you again for the great advise. The vet told us that it was facial paralysis, and has prescribed high doses of prednisone for a few days, with a gradual reduction next week. We are now hand feeding him because he is having difficulty swallowing. He is also struggling with drinking so we have purchased the items required to assist him. Fortunately our dog is still his happy self, playful and willing to keep going strong! The next few weeks will tell more!
Again, I thank you for your prompt attention to my question! It really is appreciated.
I'm glad to hear that he is now on treatment, i do hope he starts to improve soon, but its good to hear that he's still happy in himself!. All the best Andrea