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My dog ate a silicone spatula and i just took him to an emergency

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My dog ate a silicone spatula and i just took him to an emergency animal hospital. The doc sedated her and took 2 xrays, her stomach shows its full. But xray didnt really any pieces of spatula pieces. I am 100% sure she chewed and swallowed it. Once she wakes up they will try to give her barium and makes her vomit. Is this a good course of action??? please help me.


Having her Vomit if after two hours can do more harm than good. We do not use barium to induce vomiting in animals. Your best bet is to give some canned pumpkin to help expedite the passing of stool. The pumpkin is a natural fiber and helps the stool to pass naturally without giving medications. If this does not work, where she starts vomiting, having constipation, abdominal discomfort, or diarrhea, then at that time I would see the Vet again for a hands on exam and the proper medication to help it pass. I would suggest taking her out on a leash and doing pooh patrol to see if anything passes in the stool. Joan

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
She was seen by a vet after she ate a silicone spatula within 50min. from that time frame, within in an hour, the dog will wake up from sedation and the doctor try to make her vomit. SHould i call my doctor to tell her not make her vomit. In stead, try to push the passing of her stool???? the prob is i already agreed to the procedure. i am still panicking i really dont know what to do


I misunderstood. The barium is to see on an x ray if the pieces of spatula are there. The vomiting is done with a drop in the eye and works very well. I would certainly trust the Vet, if this is what they are going to do in office. I would never do this type of procedure at home and the Vet may give something to move the stool as they have the proper medications to so, right in the office. They have gut motility drugs and medication to help pass the stool. I thought this was going to be done at home, whioch would have created problems. Since your baby is at the Vet, this should go smootly and she should be fine under controlled conditions. Joan

Edited by Joan on 6/19/2010 at 4:23 AM EST
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Thanks Joan. The Vet said my dog will be kept at the hospital till tomorrow at least to conduct a series of xray to see her digestive movement over the course.


I read so much online already Vomitting vs Passing stool. I wanted to get a second opinion if the vomitting is really safe or not because i read that vomitting can makes her esophagus block(depending on the foreign object she ate). The doctor suspected she chewed into small pieces thats safe enough to do vomit procedure.


Does this sound right course of treatment to you Joan???


PS im sorry English is not my first language, but im trying to explain as clear as possible.


When done in a Veterinary setting, the procedure is very safe and I am sure they will do the x rays first to see what is happening. As I said this type of procedure if done at home holds some problems, but when a trained professional Veterinarian is doing the procedure, if is as safe as possible. I am sure they will take the best care of your baby and she will be just fine. Joan

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