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maltese: 10 week 3 year..growl or bite, she doesnt to look

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Just got new 10 week old Maltise, when I brought him home my 3 year old peekapoo girl wants nothing to do with him, she doesnt growl or bite, she doesnt to look at him,or walks away when he wants to play. She used to play alot but hasnt lately. Its only been 2 days . Will this work it self out ? What should I do? Thanks so much!



Has your peekapoo been socialized with puppies?


Do you have access to a place like a dog park or area outside the home where you can safely bring them to be with each other?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
My peekapoo has always loved other dogs, and wanted to play with them,even at dog parks. I was told not take 10 week old puppy near other animal feces until he has had all shots,has recieved first round. Thanks

Thank you for your reply :)


The problem can be several things but I do think this will work itself out, especially since she is not showing any aggressive behaviors towards the pup.


If you can take them to a friend's house, even, to get out of the home turf for some play time that would be wonderful. Doggy daycares (which my apologies as I meant to say day care and not dog park) will allow you to use the facilities to do this also. :)


Your girl may have a bit of a bent nose...puppies need lots of attention and she may be feeling sore towards him because he is getting your attention and she isn't. Make sure you give her some space away from him completely for some playtime with just her alone. When playing with the pup, encourage her to join in...a new toy may entice her.


Bring them for walks together. Make sure they both stay behind or next to you...never out in front of you. This establishes the pack order. You the alpha and they are part of your pack. :)


This normally works itself out after a week or so...especially since she is definitely young enough and not a senior dog with a new pup.


Just make sure you don't condone the behavior by saying things like "its ok baby, mommy/daddy still loves you" She will get confused and think its ok to behave the way she is. Just let her go be by herself when she needs to....even the best dog needs a break from a young active pup.


Good luck and let me know if you have any other questions regarding this...I'm happy to help. :)

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Hello thanks for your help, so is iit ok to walk 10 week old? Where would I walk it where there is no feces?

My pleasure :)


If you have a friend that has a dog free yard and will allow you to have a play date with your dogs there, that would be wonderful. Even in your own yard is ideal as you are just trying to let your girl know that the new boy is part of your pack and walking on leash is the best way to do this. I've even done this inside my house, leashing dogs and puppies and walking them around the house when the weather is not conducive to out door walking. If your girl loves car rides, take them both..this will get the new boy used to a vehicle and you'll be doing something your girl loves...everyone is happy. :) Its all about establishing a pack order...she needs to accept him into her world. While feeding, never feed him first all the time...and same with her...feed one first one time, the other the next time and give the sit command before putting the bowls down. This helps establish YOU as the pack leader. :)

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