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My 13 month old chihuahua started pooping a yellow watery diarrhea

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My 13 month old chihuahua started pooping a yellow watery diarrhea this morning. It has since turn into small pieces of odorless mucus that has tiny spots of pink/orange in it occasionally. She's had, and is current, on all her vaccinations. She has had pancreatitis before and she got a grilled hot dog from my in-laws yesterday afternoon. Her stomach is also doing a lot of gurgling. She's not eating, which isn't unusual when her stomachs bothering her, but shes full of energy and not vomiting.

HI there,



It sounds like there is an irritation of the guts going on here which has led to symptoms of colitis, and the hot dog would be a candidate! When the lining of the large intestine is inflamed or irritated, it can cause this very watery diarrhoea and an overproduction of this mucus too.


The fact that she is not vomiting is a very good sign - if there had been a flare up of the pancreatitis then i is likely that she would be vomiting by now - look out for it. My advice would be that if she is bright and alert and drinking ok then do not offer any food at all for 24 hours, and allow her to drink little and often. If all is well then introduce something bland and low fat, such as chicken or fish, and feed in tiny meals over the next few days to allow her guts to just work on a little bit of food at a time. Once she appear to be back to normal, phase in her normal food very gradually over a week or so.


If she does start to vomit, appears to feel very poorly or there is no improvement, then pop her to your vets in case she needs some medication to help her through.


Best of luck,



Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I'm the first to admit that I have a hang up about parvo. This little girl was a gift after I lost my last one a year ago to parvo. She's just started being introduced to the outside because I have such a fear of her contracting parvo too. She still isn't allowed to roam the entire house because I'm irrationally afraid I missed a spot cleaning after I lost the other! Because of this, her vaccinations have been given exactly when needed since I got her at nine weeks old. What are the chances she could have gotten parvo even with the vaccinations and the over-protective care she's been given?

On another note, is it okay to let a dog so small go without anything for 24 hours? Should I give her some honey if she starts looking like her sugar's dropped?

Hi there,


I understand your worries over the parvo thing completely. I feel that it is unlikely that she has contracted parvo after all the precautions that you have taken, and the signs she is showing are not typical of it. Parvo dogs tend to have very bloody and dark diarrhoea without the mucus, feel more poorly and develop vomitting quickly too. If she goes downhill or things don't improve then you could ask your vet to test for parvo but try not to panic at this stage.


At 13 months a small dog such as yours should be mature - even if she is small. Starving very young dogs is a problem but adult dogs is fine - little dogs are just small big dogs! She will be fine without food for just 24 hours as long as she is drinking ok, and better off with her guts resting than more food generating more diarrhoea.

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thank you so much! I appreciate your patience and educated opinion, my worries aren't gone but are definitely eased now.
You're very welcome - I hope she feels better soon!