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My half lab, half husky dogs hair is breaking off about 1/2

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My half lab, half husky dog's hair is breaking off about 1/2 way from the end where my other dog jumps up and wrestles with him around the neck. It seems the hair is very brittle, and the 1/2 length that is left is a lighter color than the part that breaks off. Is this nutritional, worms, what? Please help.

Hi Sir or Madam,


Poor coat condition can be caused by many different things including poor nutrition, parasites, and dry skin. A good quality dog food will be one that contains meat as the first ingredient typically. I like to look for one that does not contain corn and wheat. Parasites such as mange mites and fleas can cause poor coat and skin issues. You can read about these here:


Dry skin can cause excessive shedding and supplementing the diet with Omega N3 fatty acids can help. This can be done with fish oil capsules. However, hypothyroidism can also cause shedding. Signs of hypothyroidism are dry and brittle hair that sheds easily with touching, hair loss usually starting behind the ears and possibly under the throat and down the thighs, thinning hair over the ribs neck and belly, dry flaky cool skin, skin infections, weight gains, lethargy, fatigue and heat cycle irregularity. You can read about this here:


The lighter coloring might be your dog's undercoat showing through. Many dogs with husky in their line have a thick heavy undercoat and in the spring it tends to show as it starts to shed. You might want to start brushing on a daily basis to remove any old shedding hair and encourage healthy skin. Hope this helps.




Customer: replied 7 years ago.
So the thyroid problem should be addressed by a vet, right? Is this something that is caused by conditions that can be cured or is it a biological disposition?

The thyroid will need to be checked by your vet. It is a problem with the thyroid and if it is the cause, medication is prescribed for the lifetime of the pet. It is worth having your vet check your dog over. Another expert mentioned that har breakage is also present with ringworm. This site discusses that conditon. The rash maybe under the coat still making it hard to see.

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