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Terri Riba
Terri Riba, Healthcare Expert
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Dog ate trail mix containing raisins, almonds, apricots and

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Dog ate trail mix containing raisins, almonds, apricots and no chocolate.I took him to the 24/7 Emergency Vet within 2 hours of consumption. They induced vomiting and have him on I V. They gave him Charcoal mixture.I have been over to see him has been 19 hours since ingestion. I have been over twice 3:30 AM/9:00 AM and fed him, he ate everything I fed him again 2nd visit, he pee'd and he pooped solid as a matter of fact, I saw the charcoal come out. My wife and I inspected the poop, we found sun flower seeds and no rasins. His belly was a bit bloated. He drank a whole bowl of water and ate another bowl of food. He pee'd again. They are doing blood work at 7 PM tonight, which will make it a full 24 hours since ingestion and the induced vomiting. The VET said when they first induced the vomiting he brought up 5 piles of the trail mix. The trail mix was a total of 2 cups. My dog is a 22 lb long haired dachsund. Any news or encouragment? I keep reading that it takes 24/48 hours to see any issues! Thank U.

Dear friend,


I am sorry your boy had so much trouble.

Raisins can be toxic to dogs but it sounds like he threw then all up or excreted them through his stool.

Here is info on toxicity:


From what you have posted I do not think he retained enough to develope renal failure.


Continue to go over and feed him as your presence is going to aid his recovery.


Please let me know how he is doing.


Best wishes for him,







Terri Riba and 3 other Dog Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Hi Terri,


Thank you for the response. You know how it can be when you read around the internet and get mutlitple answers. I couldn't find anything on anyone who got immediate treatment and didn't experience the diaharrea and vomiting. I have not expereinced these things. He is happy to see me when I am there and seems calm and rather normal. Your email certainlly bringging a little ease to our family today. He is very important to us.


Thank you very much again,





You are more than welcome.


It is my pleasure to help someone as wonderful as you and your sweet boy.


I will always be here for both of you.


Keep spending time with him as love boosts his immune system!


Thank you for your accept.

Sending as an info request so you are not charged again.


Best wishes,



Customer: replied 7 years ago.

They are running more blood work, now, we will know more after 8 PM. The actual vet called us finally and said that he did vomit at 11 AM one time. The vet thinks it was isolated and a one time thing as it has not happened again. They believe it is nerves. It is uncommon, if the blood work comes back ok, for me to request that we bring him home? We can keep the I V going if they let us take it tonight. I am having a hard time trusting them since I have called serveral times asked about vomiting and diahareea specifically and they said no, but now they are saying it was an oversight and was marked on the chart.


I am getting worried again and really just want to bring him home. We work from home and he is rarely alone, we have never even put him in a kennel we usually have a dog sitter. Do you have any suggestions here? This is the only 24/7 vet in the area and I am worried he is not getting top notch treatment.


Any suggestions or commets are appreciated? I don't mind paying for the answers at all. I just want some direction on what to do at this point. We are at the 24 hour mark from ingestion.


Thank you,





If his blood and urine work come out clear, I would take him home.

You can even ask to take home a bag of subQ fluids and equipment just in case he needs more fluids.See here;

He will be much better off at hone with his love ones caring for him.


Please let me know how he is doing.


Best wisahes for him,





Terri Riba and 3 other Dog Specialists are ready to help you


Just checking in to see how your boy is doing?

Did you bring him home?


How is he?

Please let me know.